Birds are indeed charming creatures, and we are fortunate to have a splendid selection of colorful species. However, they can be a real nuisance, especially when they decide to settle on your fireplace pots.

Perhaps we should first ask ourselves the question: why do birds stay and nest in chimneys? The obvious answer is that they are attracted by the heat generated by the fire and the chimney entrance provides a perfect platform.

Effective Deterrent

The best way to deter pigeons is to install chimney pot bird guards from Gold Bros Ltd, a leading supplier of snow and chimney pot guards. With a screen over the pot, the bird will not consider nesting in it and will simply look away. These handy devices are very easy to install. A roofer can install them in minutes the next time he or she inspects your roof.

Annual Roof Inspection

Ask any experienced homeowner and they will gladly confirm that an annual roof inspection is essential, as damage is usually not apparent from the ground and missing tiles will result in water contamination and damage to the joists and internal rafters of the roof.

If you haven’t had your roof inspected this year, why not order chimney pot bird guards from the online supplier and have the roofer install them when they inspect the roof.

Birds Congregate

If a pair of pigeons decide to build their nest on your roof, it will not go unnoticed by the bird population and it will not be long before other birds decide to occupy your roof.

The clutter is very difficult to remove, even a high-pressure wash leaves stains while installing bird guards on the chimney pots solves the problem completely.

If you’re unlucky, your house could be in the flight path of many species when they fly south and you certainly don’t want to attract them in any way.

Keep The Roof Clean

If you are able to discourage birds from moving onto your roof, you avoid a messy build-up of droppings, and if the poor birds need a place to rest, it may not be on your roof.

Take certain measures, such as installing bird guards for chimney pots and snow guards around eavestroughs, which birds don’t like.

It seems that birds of passage look for roofs that have dropping plates, which tells them that birds like to congregate there, so if your roof is clean, it won’t be a beacon for flocks of passage.

Fortunately, when you’re looking to buy chimney pot railings, there are online solutions and it’s easy to find a supplier near you with Google.

You can order everything you need from one store and have your local contractor install the guards when they inspect your roof.

Designed to deter all species of birds, you can also install them at the top of downspouts, which is another preferred location for birds.