When Do You Need an Immigration Attorney

When Do You Need an Immigration Attorney

It can be intimidating to go to the immigration office to apply for an immigrant visa or a green card especially if you have a background that you think will disqualify you from getting one.

But if your records are clear, you can go through the normal process. On the other hand, if there are some complications in your status, you might want to go the easy way and hire an immigration attorney.

An immigration lawyer will provide you with specialized assistance that will enable you to go through the process as smoothly as possible even if you may be in a situation that can make it difficult to get a visa fast.

If you are having a hard time deciding if you need an immigration lawyer, read the points below. These are guides for you to see what types of situations call for the expert assistance of a professional.

If You Just Can’t Figure Out What To Do

Someone who doesn’t know which way to go needs to stop and ask someone who knows for direction. The same principle applies to immigration. There are countless options available and choosing the right one can become a tedious process. But an expert will be able to narrow down your choices and suggest the best course to take.

When applying for immigration, even the simplest cases will need a lot of paperwork. You will also need to follow a long trail of instructions.

If this has the potential to burden you or overwhelm you, a lawyer can help you sort out the things you can do and help organize what you need to accomplish. They also have specialized apps that can simplify the application.

If You Need Someone To Process An Immigration Case

Business owners are busy people and sometimes they need an extra hand to deal with things that they can’t handle anymore. If they have foreign employees they want to sponsor for a green card, they don’t need to do it themselves. Immigration attorneys are available to render this service.

Aside from lifting a load off their shoulders, immigration attorneys understand the relevant law well enough to take the right steps to speed up the process.

If You Encounter Delays

Speaking of speeding up the process, some applications can take too long. This is why people go to immigration lawyers so that they can prove to be a great help in following up on the agency.

They can also help inform you which part of the process your application is in so that you can gauge what to do next. Again, if you don’t know what steps to take, your lawyer will be happy to provide you with suggestions and options.

If You Are Subject To Deportation

Get a lawyer as quickly as possible if this is the case especially if the case proceedings are not yet final or are still on appeal. This way, you will get sound advice on how to move from the current situation.

A lawyer will also be able to provide you with options and counsel on what to do next after the proceedings are over.


The immigration law is complicated and can be tedious for anyone without a prior understanding of it. While it is not required to get an immigration attorney, for you to have a better chance of understanding the process and getting ahead of the process, having one by your side is going to be a great help indeed.

At Powers Law Group, we provide you with legal counsel and advice on how to secure your visa or green card smoothly. We also assist you in other matters of immigration. If you need someone to help you, don’t hesitate to call us today.