What’s the Right Number of Pieces You Need in a Dinner Set?

What's the Right Number of Pieces You Need in a Dinner Set?

Are you hosting a dinner party? Planning to have a family meal or two this weekend? In KSA, you’re likely looking for a dinner set – a set of matching bowls, plates, and utensils.

Suitable for every occasion, from casual weekday dinners to Ramadan gatherings with extended family, they can be expensive, so it’s essential you know what number of pieces you need. You can buy an 18-piece dinnerset suitable for two people or a 36-piece group.

The following article will discuss the different types of pieces that comprise a dinner set and the number of people they serve and give you some advice on what will make an ideal setting for your family.

Types of Pieces in a Dinner Set

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There is no perfect method to design a dinner set. Some come with two plates and four bowls, while others have a single dish per person and no bowls. The latter sets, however, are also suitable for two people.

The following information is based on the idea of four plates and two bowls per person:

  • A plate (dinner plate). It is the most significant piece in any dinner set and can be used for sandwiches or pasta. Plates are available in various sizes, including one for appetizers.
  • A salad plate. It is smaller than a dinner plate and is ideal for serving salads or desserts.
  • A bowl (soup bowl). This piece is larger than the other bowls in any dinner set and can be used for soups, cereals, or puddings. It can also be used for sauces, but it’s generally too small to serve the main meal.
  • A small bowl (butter or condiment bowl). This bowl is smaller than the soup bowl and is often placed off to the side of the dinner plate. It’s ideal for butter or other sauces and, like the soup bowl, it’s best for accompaniments and salad dressings.
  • A cup (tumbler glass). This piece is approximately 10cm tall and can serve juice or water.

The Right Number of Pieces  You Need in a Dinner Set

To figure out the number of pieces you need in a dinner set, divide your total guest count by four people. If you’re hosting, say, five people for lunch, then you’ll only need three pieces per person (5 divided by 4 = 1.3). You can round the number depending on whether you prefer extra or larger pieces.

However, if your dinner party is more formal and includes, for example, six people total, then the number of pieces you’ll need in a set will increase to five (6 divided by 4 = 1.5). Of course, you can also round up or down again, depending on your preference.

The number of pieces is already set in some sets and cannot be adjusted. In these cases, you’ll need to determine if it’s a suitable size for your family by checking the product dimensions online or taking a quick trip to your local kitchenware store.

Features to Check While Buying a Dinner Set

Here are some features you must check while buying an 18-piece dinner set.

  1. Check The Quality of The Dinner Set

It is essential to check the quality of not only the dinner set but also other pieces. Quality should be checked by using your fingers and eyes both as it helps check for any chips or cracks that can happen during transportation or sometimes at home. You must also make sure that the pieces mesh well with each other and are not loose or wobbly.

  1. Check The Price

It is essential to check the price of the dinner set before buying it. Expensive dinner sets do not mean good quality dinner sets, while cheap does not always give you bad quality dinner sets. You must compare all the features you get in the set with its price before buying.

  1. Check the Weight of Pieces

It is essential to check everything you are buying, be it anything or any dinner set. Before purchasing a dinner set, make sure you check its weight with your hand so that you can avoid carrying heavy dinner sets which are difficult to maintain.

  1. Check the Durability of The Pieces

It is essential to check whether your dinner set is durable or not. There are different ways to prevent the durability of a particular dinner set, including scratching, brushing, etc.

You should be aware of how to prevent your dinner set from becoming dull and corroded, which would protect it from stains and make it look as fresh as new.