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What to Expect When Teaching Yourself Piano

What to Expect When Teaching Yourself Piano
Male Student Enjoying Piano Lesson With Teacher

There’s just something highly attractive about a person who knows how to play a musical instrument, particularly when it’s the piano. It’s romantic, and sensual, and can entice even those who don’t care much for music.

Are you thinking about teaching yourself piano because you’ve had this dream for a while now and it’s now or never? Well, keep reading to find out some things you need to keep in mind on this piano learning journey of yours.

Start With Some YouTube Tutorials

The first thing you need to do to learn piano on your own is to purchase or rent a piano for your home, nothing expensive or exorbitant for now. You can always upgrade later if you like playing the piano and stick with it for long enough.

Then once you have the piano to practice on, you can use YouTube tutorials to learn the piano chords. You will have to practice these chords over and over again because the fingers on your two hands have to get used to playing different chords at once.

It takes quite a bit of getting used to, but don’t despair. The more you practice, the easier it will get.

Or Try a Piano Teaching App

There are also many piano teaching apps on the App Store that you can use on your smart device, either the phone or tablet. These will allow you to follow the chords step-by-step and can help you learn in a slow format that won’t pressure you or make you feel inadequate as a beginner.

Remember that you are learning the piano for yourself, not for anyone else. So take your time with it. Don’t pressure yourself to learn faster than you are comfortable or be cruel to yourself when you don’t learn as fast as you expected.

Traditional Piano Lessons Are Also a Great Bet

If you have learned the basics and want to upgrade your skills a bit, then getting piano lessons from a professional piano teacher is a good idea. This way you won’t form too many bad habits and they can challenge you to become a better piano player than you would on your own.

Make sure you follow their lesson plan and don’t ever skip a practice day. Practicing every day will ensure that your muscle memory won’t fade.

Teaching Yourself Piano Is Easy Nowadays

Luckily, we live in a world nowadays where traditional piano lessons are accessible to everyone, not just the elite. And if you don’t have the budget for full lessons, you can always use piano apps or YouTube tutorials to do the same.

Put teaching yourself piano on your resolution list this year, because it’s time! Also, check out related articles on our website, so you can keep growing your knowledge base while staying entertained.