What is Green Carpet Fashion?

What is Green Carpet Fashion?

The Green Carpet Fashion Festival, Italia, is held each year. In the stunning city, and is amongst the most glamorous events of Europe. Attended by some of today’s most famous people. The festival takes place in the month of April. Draws a huge crowd of people from around the world to attend. Who are often celebrities or members of the public with a passion for fashion, and eco-friendly lifestyles?

What is Green Carpet Fashion?

The main aim of this event is to celebrate an eco-friendly environment. The role that fashion plays in bringing about change in our environment. Green Carpet Fashion Week organizes fashion shows, fashion show auctions, fashion-show parties, and fashion shows. You can choose which days you would like to attend to see what kind of fashion you can expect.

The Green Carpet Festival brings together the leading fashion designers from across Europe. It is hosted in beautiful venues such as the Opera Palace. The Royal Albert Hall, The Barbican, and The O2 Academy. Each of these venues has been chosen for its ability to hold large crowds of people. In a setting that can be both impressive and stylish.

The Green Carpet Week program has a series of different programs. That can be attended, with shows such as Fashion in 60 Seconds, Fashion Party. The Women of Fashion Show, The Fashion Show, and more. All the main celebrity and fashion shows are broadcast on satellite TV and can all be watched online. So that the festival-goers can watch at a leisurely pace.

Green Carpet Festival

If you’re looking for something to do during your stay at one of the venues of the Green Carpet Festival. It may be wise to join the fashion shows, as they are the highlight of the event. The fashion shows are often held on the last day of the Festival. Which attracts a very large crowd, with music bands playing all night long. There are also a number of stalls selling clothing and accessories. That you can buy, from souvenirs to designer clothes, and all sorts of other items.

The Green Carpet Fashion Festival has many awards and competitions for the best in fashion, as well as for the best fashion show that the week. You can even enter a ‘dress’ contest to win a cash prize!

Last Day of The Festival

The last day of the Festival is always very festive and fun, with people gathering together to socialize and swap fashion tips. Food is plentiful, so you will not miss out on a great deal of entertainment while you are there. There are many pubs and restaurants selling food, which are available from outside to inside. This way you can avoid having to eat outside, as many stalls are selling food.

This year, you will find the Green Carpet Festival is back again in London in September, with even more great shows and activities, and fashion shows. Come along to enjoy the biggest fashion shows in the UK. Bring your children, or just bring yourself, and make sure you get in to see what all the fuss is about.