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What Are the Types of Timeshare Ownership?

What Are the Types of Timeshare Ownership
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Did you know there are 9.1 million homes in the US that own some kind of timeshare product?

If you don’t know much about timeshares, you might be surprised to learn that there’s more than one type. If you want to invest in timeshares, you should learn about the different kinds so you don’t spend money on the wrong option.

This post will cover the different types of timeshare ownership you’ll come across. If you finish this post, you’ll have a better understanding of the different products on offer within the timeshare market.

Let’s begin!

What Are the Different Types of Timeshare Ownership?

Right, to begin with, let’s cover some timeshare facts in regards to the different types on offer.

Generally, when investing in this kind of thing, you have the following timeshare options to choose from:

  • Right to use timeshare
  • Leasehold timeshare
  • Deeded timeshare

Right to use timeshares don’t give you any real ownership over the property in question.

Instead, as the name suggests, you’re just given the right to use a timeshare property during a certain time period.

Leasehold timeshares give you some kind of ownership, but this ownership expires at the end of the lease.

The final option is the deeded timeshare, and this gives you a complete form of ownership.

So, with this approach, you basically own the timeshare, during your chosen timeslot. You can sell this ownership, or you can hand it over to someone else.

Finding Deeded Timeshare Options

Because of the fact that ownership is involved, a lot of people prefer the option of deeded timeshares.

After all, if you buy a deeded timeshare, the value of your timeshare might rise over time, and so you might actually make money when selling it.

If you want to buy deeded timeshares, you should find a website that does “timeshare resale listings.”

If you want to find relevant resale listings, Google the phrase “timeshare resale,” alongside the name of your chosen location.

So, if you want a Disney deeded timeshare, you might Google something like “Disney timeshare resale listings.” If you go through each of these sites, you should end up seeing all resale listings associated with Disney.

Be Cautious

If you’re going to buy a deeded listing, make sure you keep a close eye on all the associated costs that come with the timeshare.

For instance, you might have to pay maintenance costs, or there might be some membership fees you need to cover.

If you aren’t aware of these costs before you buy a timeshare, you might end up spending more money than you wanted to.

Which Option Will You Go For?

Now that you’ve read this post, you should have a better understanding of all the timeshare ownership options on offer.

If you’re still feeling a bit confused, it might be because you don’t have a thorough understanding of timeshares in general. Following this, you might want to read a blog post that’s titled something like “how do timeshares work.”

Upon doing this, you’ll learn about the basics of timeshares. This will then help you get your head around the more advanced concepts we’ve covered here.

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