What Are the Different Types of Guitars That Exist Today?

What Are the Different Types of Guitars That Exist Today?

Did you know that the history of the guitar goes back over 4000 years? There have been countless versions of this popular instrument and it has many cousins including the lute and the oud.

Today, it’s one of the most versatile musical instruments. Performers of pop, classical, and rock genres of music all feature the guitar in their compositions.

But its versatility is due to the fact that there are many different types of guitars in existence today. Some suit certain styles of music, some are more affordable, and others need different skills to play them.

Want to know what the best guitars are for your purpose? Then keep reading this guide!

Classical Guitars

This guitar style dates back to the 19th century and hasn’t changed much since then. It’s made using lightweight woods like maple and spruce, and its six strings are nylon. This makes the guitar easier to move and dance with.

Do you think you can’t dance while playing instruments like guitars? You don’t know much about flamenco! Classical guitars are an important instrument in traditional Spanish music.

These types of guitars have a flatter and wider fretboard than others. This makes it easier for you to pluck a classical guitar with your fingers instead of using a pick.

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic guitars are like classical guitars in shape and material, and most aren’t electric. But electro-acoustic guitars are popular with folk and country recording artists.

Unlike the classical guitar style, most acoustic guitars have steel strings. These carry higher frequencies which make them sound brighter and sharper than classical guitars.

Acoustic guitars that you can find in all good guitar shops like boothemusic.com have six strings. But some have 12 strings to add depth to the music. Notable people in the music industry who played 12-string guitars include David Bowie and Glen Campbell.

Electric Guitars

Acoustic and classical guitars aren’t loud enough when performing with a big band. So, electric guitars with amplifiers were born out of necessity.

They were popular first with jazz and rock musicians during the first half of the 20th century. But it wasn’t long before musicians of all genres saw the diverse potential of electric guitars. Even Bob Dylan went electric in the end!

Electric guitars differ from non-electric types of guitars because they don’t have hollow bodies. The pickups on electric guitars transfer the steel-string vibrations to the amp. Pedals, processors, and preamps allow electric guitar players to adjust the sound of their guitar too.

Bass Guitars

Bass guitars evolved from the double bass instrument. That means they have a different heritage from other types of guitars.

Most only have four, thick steel strings for melodies in the lower bass range. This guitar also has a longer neck and fretboard so players can play those lower notes. Acoustic and electric versions of bass guitars exist but the latter is by far the most popular type.

Which Types of Guitars Interest You the Most?

No matter what style of music you want to play, there are many different types of guitars for your needs. But before you buy a guitar, don’t forget to play them first to make sure it fits your purpose.

Learning a musical instrument is a fantastic hobby that you can share with others. Browse our lifestyle articles for more hobby inspiration!