What are the Beneficial Features of Drake Tax Software?


Preparing tax returns is a complicated task that requires a broad knowledge and technical experience for executing processes like filing for returns, transactions, managing payrolls, and attending to customers.

Drake tax software offers a user-friendly accessible, and advanced interface to create taxes, accelerate the filing of tax returns, and increase productivity to assist the professionals in planning tax returns and increase the pace of their work. The services offered by Drake tax software improve client value with the professionals and enhance their practice. With the help of Drake Hosted, you can also get the benefits of cloud computing for the software.

So Here are Some Features

So Drake Tax Software for The Benefit of Your Business:

Calculation and Navigation

It initiates its working mechanism by preparing tax returns, allowing easy navigation, enabling users to review the returns they are filing or e-filing instantly. It also allows the users to estimate the mistakes in the calculation of tax returns as the application alerts users about the incorrect count. It gives calculation data to remind, gives suggestions, and particular alerts to the users to enhance the effectiveness of filing. Also, Drake tax software can be hosted on the cloud with competitive Desktop as a Service Pricing to increase productivity.

Analytics and Tax Planner

These functions enable the tax professionals to prepare their customer’s tax returns, compare taxes annually, filing schedules, evaluate joint and separate tax filing, and more.

Tax Preparation and Data Entry

This software has an adjustable data entry form which creates a simplified look for the data and decreases the work by giving the added benefit to users to select the way of entering their data, lock or define fields, manage, and access online researches by searching the library of tax resource websites via manual internet search tool offering an online database of knowledge for technical support.

Imports and Exports

It enables importing tax forms and data by the transaction of data for creating a streamlined workflow. These forms include the Annual balance report, W-2, Form 8615, K-1, Schedule D, and trial balance.

Quick Estimator

It evaluates returns in a well-organized and systematic method. It instantly calculates the fees and refund of a customer’s filing; it provides the customization of the billing statement as well. The function of the Amortization schedule will allow customers to calculate loan payment amounts and interests that are accumulated.

E-file and E-signature

This function discards the requirement for custom filing and signatures or seals on the tax form, allowing the tax preparers as well as the payers to give a signature on the tax forms or bank documents through a digital signature option. The process of e-signature is authentic, resistant to tampering, and bound to the document securely. E-filing allows them to establish consent forms, individually file state tax returns, and bank documents.

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