Vacationing Without the Debt: How to Pay for Your Next Trip Entirely With Points

Vacationing Without the Debt: How to Pay for Your Next Trip Entirely With Points

Many people want to travel, but not everyone knows how to do so without going into debt. From the outside, travel can look expensive. However, there are ways to save money on your future trips if you make a plan.
Beyond budgeting and scouring the internet for deals, there is also a way to make money while you spend money–points!
Points are rewards you earn from credit card companies, airlines, hotel chains, and more that cumulate and result in free tickets and hotel rooms.
Are you ready to travel the world (or at least go on a great weekend getaway) by using points? Keep reading to learn more.

How to Get Points

Points can be earned through a variety of programs that we will discuss.
You can join a loyalty program with your favorite hotel and earn points towards free nights. You can apply for a credit card that gives points back for specific kinds of purchases. Many different travel brands offer specific points programs–including your favorite airlines!

How to Use Points

Once you have accumulated the points needed for a specific flight or hotel stay, you redeem the points with that company in exchange for a ticket (preferably to a beautiful tropical island).
You can optimize your points earnings by choosing credit cards for travel or by joining loyalty programs with hotels and airlines that you already use often.

Credit Card Points

Not every credit card is created equal.
The best travel credit cards don’t just allow you to earn points through your purchases. They offer access to upgrades and bonuses that can extend your trips or make them more extravagant.

Hotel Points

If you travel frequently and you often find yourself staying at the same hotel chain, then you should look into earning points through clubs or loyalty programs.
For example, the Hilton Grand Vacations Club lets its members purchase points that they can redeem for stays at Hilton hotels around the world. Members can check how many points they need on the HGVC points chart.
These club members can earn more points the longer they are in the club as loyal members.

Airline Points

For most airlines, you can join a rewards program. This means that every time you fly with that airline, you earn points or “miles” that can be redeemed for future flights.
If you fly in the same region very often, or you use the same airline for the majority of your trips, this can be a great way to save on airplane tickets.

It’s Time to Travel!

When you travel with points, every purchase you make is an investment in your future travels. You can start paying for a future trip by earning points months before you even choose your destination!
Taking the time right now to sign up for the right loyalty program or credit card can save you money later down the road.