Use Google Maps To Aim For The Top Search Results!

Use Google Maps To Aim For The Top Search Results!

I often search for anything on my smartphone, such as shopping, dining, and traveling. Would you like to connect such consumer behavior to attracting customers to your own store? For those who want to strengthen attracting customers to stores such as restaurants, stores, and service industries, the importance of MEO (map engine optimization), search I will tell you how to display it at the top.

Use your Google Business Profile To Attract More Customers To Your Store!

“Today I’m enjoying shopping and delicious food for the first time in a long time ♪ Now it’s lunchtime. What should I eat …”

What are you doing at such times?

Many people search by entering keywords such as “lunch recommended” or “nearby lunch” on their smartphones. Businesses are required to provide information that matches the style of searching for anything with a smartphone. First, let’s see how the search mechanism works.

Search mechanism and search service

When searching for something on a computer or smartphone, there is a function called a search engine, which finds and displays the optimum results for the entered keywords from the information on the Internet.

Google Business Profile That Can Be Advertised For Free and Can Be Used For Search Measures

If you search using Google’s search service on your computer or smartphone, the following search results will be displayed.
* The display order of search results differs depending on the keyword.

advertisementShow ads related to the searched keyword
Map search resultsDisplay business information related to the searched keyword with a map of the search target area
General search resultsView general search results related to the searched keyword


Ads related to keywords will appear at the top, but map search results will often appear above general search results, making them more noticeable. Google’s map search engine associates the information registered in the company’s business information management tool called Google Business Profile and the result is judged to be optimal from various information existing on the Internet with the search keyword. It is displayed in the map search results in descending order of degree.

The mechanism for optimizing this display is called MEO

MEO is an abbreviation of Map Engine Optimization, which is called “Map Engine Optimization” or “Local SEO”, and aims to display store information at the top of search results in map services centered on Google Maps. It is an initiative.

Google Business Profile is a free tool for registering and managing information such as business name, location, business hours, and business description in order to display business information such as stores on Google Search and Google Maps. If you have the skills to write emails without knowing how to create a homepage, you can post your business information on the Internet.

By Registering The Necessary Information For The Customer

The store information will be displayed on Google Search and Google Maps, which will be a further MEO measure, and it will be possible to aim for a higher display of search results, which can be expected to have a great effect on attracting customers. increase.

Register for Google Business Profile

Here are two ways to register your business information.

(1) How to search your company’s business information on
Google Maps Open Google Maps ( on your computer or smartphone, search for your company’s business information, and use the map search results to find your business. Check if the information is displayed. If it is displayed, it means that the information has already been registered by a general Google user Note 3 . Click the “Are you the owner of this business?” The link is displayed in the business information to proceed with the owner registration. If you don’t see your business information in the map search results, select “Add your business information” from the Google Maps service menu and follow the guide to register.

Note 3: Google has a mechanism to collect information with the cooperation of many people in order to post more accurate and wide-ranging information and to provide map information that is valuable to the users who search. Therefore, business information can be edited and modified (strictly speaking, correction suggestions) even by general users who do not have owner authority. Even if you are not the owner, you can enter information such as the name and address of the store.

(2) How to register with
Google Business Profile Access Google Business Profile Note 4 and register as an owner by clicking the “Start Now” button that appears. In both cases, a Google account Note 5

to use Google services must be created.

Note 4: Google Business Profile
Note 5: Google Account

Tips for making a difference to other stores with MEO measures

Once you have registered as an owner, you will be able to register and modify your company’s business information on the Google Business Profile management screen. At the time of registration, only basic information such as business name, address, and phone number has been entered. Let’s try to enrich more attractive information for MEO measures.

Here, let’s understand the mechanism based on the figure below, how the map search engine that received the keyword determines the information to be displayed by entering the keyword on a smartphone or the like.

The Google Maps search engine will display the search results that are judged to be optimal by combining the elements of “distance”, “relevance”, and “famousness” for the keyword Note 6.

Note 6: Google Business Profile Help “Mechanism for determining the ranking of local search results”,, (Reference 2021-12-16)

These I will talk about the points that I want to take measure against only this among the elements.

Enrich Business Information

Please refer to the following items and register the information firmly regarding the posting of rich and accurate business information.

Basically, it is very important to correctly describe your business name and provide accurate information. For example, if your company’s correct business name is “W’S BURGER”. But you register it as “W’S Burger” without worrying about the case, or if you register without spaces, what is your company’s business? Register the correct business name as it may not be recognized.

Post A Lot of Attractive Photos That Meet Your Needs

When you register your company’s photo, it will be displayed on your business profile under the category of “owner-provided photo”. Posting a lot of photos provided by the owner leads to the enrichment of business information. So it is more likely that it will be judged that it is providing high-quality information to the map search engine. Register more and more products and services. That you want to appeal to and aim for a higher display of map search results.

However, not all photos are fine. In the list display of search results, it is compared with other companies. Which of the pictures of the manipulative clinic and food in the figure below, A or B, is the better one? We instantly judge “interested ants/pear” for various photos displayed on the search result screen. Select and post a “shining” photo that clearly expresses the characteristics of the product. It is effective to ask a professional photographer or someone who is good at photography to take a product photo.

Let’s Increase The Reviews of Good Reviews

The business information displayed at the top of the search results on Google Maps is characterized by a large number of reviews from users and a high rating (number of stars). It is considered to be a point that search engines place importance on. So I definitely want to increase good reviews and good reviews.

How should we increase good reviews and reviews? I once asked the manager of a mobile phone store. Which has a large number of reviews and a high rating of 4.4, “What is the key to getting many good reviews?” Then, “If you respond in good faith to make customers happy, it will naturally be a good evaluation. The secret to increasing word of mouth is to ask customers honestly,” Please write a word of mouth if you like. ” Told me. When a customer is satisfied or impressed with a product or service, he or she naturally wants to tell someone. By the way, please note that the act of giving benefits to the person who made a review violates Google’s terms.

Why don’t you register for Google Business Profile immediately? Then, by enriching business information, posting attractive photos, and acquiring good reviews and evaluations. Let’s strengthen our company’s customer attraction on the Internet and lead to the sales increase.