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Top Tips To Become The Ultimate Host With The Most

Top Tips to Become the Ultimate Host with the Most

Hosting a party is undeniably a lot more stressful than attending as a guest. Preparation is the best way to ensure your party runs as smoothly as possible and will mean the host is able to join in the fun and festivities.

Invitations & Preparations

Although the internet has virtually rendered postal invitations obsolete, why not go retro and send invitations? Obviously, a Facebook group and a Google Calendar invite are good ideas so that even the flakiest of guests won’t forget the date. You can also write special requests; will you be supplying the drinks, for example, or do they need to bring their own?

A welcoming drink as soon as your guests arrive is always a fantastic way to start off the celebrations, and a little slip of paper with the Wi-Fi code wouldn’t go amiss.

Guest dynamics are absolutely crucial, and it is up to you as the host to keep the conversation flowing and choose the guests thoughtfully. If you struggle with or are not used to your social worlds colliding, consider limiting your guest list to one particular group and be respectful to any personal histories.

Music & Food

Music is one of the most fundamentally crucial elements to parties, and as host, it is your responsibility to design the musical playlist and subsequently create the right atmosphere. Consider starting a party chat on social media and asking your guests for three song requests each.

If your party night has a theme, then carry this theme through to the food as well. Make sure you buy enough; you can always give any surplus to guests as they leave. It’s much better to have too much than to have to ration out twiglets by the hour.

Drinks & Games

Planning and hosting a fabulous party is time-consuming enough without worrying about providing a smoothly running bar. Event Bartenders are a wonderful way of sorting out your boozy requirements and are the best in the business, especially for larger celebrations.

Consider having planned party games on standby in case conversation turns stagnant, such as the hilarious ‘Human Cluedo’. Write down the names of each guest and have them ready in one pot. Ask every guest to find one household item and write down one household location, putting both in the pot. Get everyone to pull out a name, weapon, and location each, and throughout the night, each person is tasked with carrying out their ‘murder’. For example, if Susie gives John the toast rack in the garden, then John is ‘murdered’. Fabulously fun and a very effective ice-breaker.

A party host should enjoy the party: but not too much. Resist the urge to go hard on the drinking until the party is coming towards a close, and there are just a few close friends left standing. Remember to introduce your guests to each other as they arrive, especially if there are lots of different and disconnected friendship groups attending.