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Top Reasons to Buy the Sweet Skunk CBD Strain in 2022

Top Reasons to Buy the Sweet Skunk CBD Strain

Island Sweet Skunk (ISS) CBD strain or just Sweet Skunk is a sativa-dominant CBD flower that borrows its qualities from Legendary Skunk and Sweet Pink Grapefruit. It is an award-winning strain with endless benefits to users. If you’ve been wondering what CBD strain to use in 2022, you need to check out more about Sweet Skunk and make the right decisions.

While you can directly talk to a reliable health expert with experience in CBD products, you can also read more about ISS in a reliable article like this one. Our interest is to discuss the reasons that have brought this CBD strain into popularity and how you can benefit from it.

Sweet Skunk Is Rich in CBD

Just like many other CBD strains, Sweet Skunk is rich in CBD, which is why it has many therapeutic effects. According to CBD connoisseurs and growers, CBD levels could go as high as 22%, and the THC is less than 0.3%. Therefore, it has no psychoactive effects but just benefits. You should consider Sweet Skunk in 2022 because it has the following CBD benefits.

  •       Pain relief – CBD is known for pain management regardless of the cause. When you consume a whole ISS flower without heating it, you could also benefit from THC-Ad and other components that work together to reduce pain.
  •       Inflammation relief – All CBD products have an anti-inflammatory effect. This is another reason you should use Sweet Skunk because it is rich in CBD. The Cannaflower Sweet Skunk review discusses this more and even shares similar CBD products to consider as an alternative.
  •       Calming and relaxation – ISS is good at calming the nerves and the mood of the user. Hence, it is a perfect all-day product that you can smoke or use in any other way.
  •       Anxiety and stress relief – When you consume Sweet Skunk CBD flower or any other part of the plant, the CBD and other cannabinoids will interact with the nervous system to reduce anxiety and stress.

Sweet Skunk Is Rich in Terpenes

Terpenes in Sweet Skunk have many therapeutic benefits for users. They work together with CBD and other chemicals to benefit the user. Terpinolene is a potent terpene that has antioxidant properties. Linalool also plays a role in fighting anxiety and depression, which is why this is the best product to use this year.

Apart from therapeutic properties, the terpenes are responsible for the aroma and flavors of Sweet Skunk just like in all other CBD strains. It is fruity and earthy because of the myrcene and other terpenes. Experts also take note of the laid-back vibe of ISS, which promotes relaxation as a result of a combination of different terpenes.


There are numerous good reasons to buy Sweet Skunk CBD strain this year. Mainly, it is recommended because of the CBD and terpenes that give it therapeutic benefits. If you are planning to buy, ensure you do thorough research to understand more. But for now, we’ve shared enough insights to help you make the right decisions.