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Tips for Discussing Assisted Living With Your Aging Parents

Tips for Discussing Assisted Living With Your Aging Parents
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Did you know the sandwich generation faces the demands of raising children and supporting aging parents? Does your parent need more aid? If you want tips on discussing senior care with your parents, we can help.

This guide will give you tips on discussing assisted living. It’s not a simple topic to broach, but a necessary one with elderly parents.

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Start Talking Sooner Than Later

Though it’s a challenging topic, aim to have the conversation about assisted living early.

Sometimes, adult children avoid the conversation, and a health crisis occurs. The health crisis is overwhelming for everyone involved, but you’re forced to make plans for the next steps.

Try to have the conversation in advance. This way, you could begin planning without all that pressure.

Talk Face-to-Face

When possible, have a conversation with your parents in person. If you don’t live nearby, you could try setting up a video call with the help of a neighbor or friend in the area.

Arrange a time where you both feel relaxed and rested. You might even want to book a time in advance where you know you won’t get interrupted.

Listen to Your Parents

It’s critical to listen to your parents when discussing senior care.

Your parents might have specific concerns or objections about leaving their home. Please make sure you listen and let them know you understand what they’re saying.

Acknowledge your parent’s feelings. Ask more questions, so you understand why they feel reserved.

Show Empathy

Elderly parents don’t want to feel like their kids feel sorry for them. Try to empathize instead and show you care. You want to understand why they feel frustrated or worried about the next steps.

It’s not easy to accept that they need to begin contemplating the idea of in-home care or moving to assisted living.

Avoid Rushing Through These Steps

You might feel like you know the right decision, but your parents may need more time.

Your parents can begin accepting and grieving this change. They will have a chance to share how they feel. This is why it’s critical to start having these conversations early.

Keep talking about assisted living and the different options.

Visit a Community

You could also call a local community and ask if you could plan a visit.

Your loved ones can visit and ease some worries or fears about the community. They will learn what’s available at the assisted living center and what to expect.

Ultimately, it’s your parent’s decision. You cannot tell them they need to go into a home.

Try not to stress them out. Instead, calmly and kindly share your concerns and provide information and helpful resources.

Supporting Aging Parents

We hope this guide on discussing assisted living with aging parents was helpful. Consider bringing up senior care options with your parents early. Share your concerns with them, and listen to what they have to say.

You could also look at arranging an in-person visit to a local assisted living community.

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