Third-Party Applications for iPhone Keyboard


As we all know, Apple’s iOS is not really the most user-friendly OS when it comes to customization. But things have changed with the introduction of third-party applications for the iPhone keyboard. These third-party applications are known to improve keyboard efficiency. We will talk about some of them in this article. So let’s start :


Gboard is not only ideal for Android users, it is also very influential for many iPhones and iPads users. The advantage of using Gboard is that Google search is integrated, which means you can search for a place, articles, photos or GIFs, and even an emoticon and share it immediately with the person you’re talking to without leaving the application you’re in. In addition, all the great features such as drag-and-drop/gestepping input, handwriting, Google-powered voice dictation, AI-assisted prediction, and many more are also presented through the keyboard. However, the keyboard has recently been updated with the latest features such as the ability to generate your GIFs, stickers, etc. All in all, Gboard is one of the best keyboards you can use on your iOS device.

SwiftKey Keyboard

The SwiftKey keyboard is one of the best keyboards for iPhone users.  It is one of the most popular applications that many people first set up on their new smartphone. What makes the Swift Keyboard different from other keyboards is its extremely effective auto-correction function based on artificial intelligence. To provide better text prediction, the SwiftKey keyboard learns from your typing habits. You can even use the SwiftKey to type faster, like on Gboard, by dragging the keys rather than typing them. SwiftKey also offers a plethora of themes that allow users to create the look and feel of your keyboard. In addition, SwiftKey also claims to support over 90 languages to make your interactions more compelling and is GIF compatible.

Grammar Keyboard

This keyboard has an effective Grammarly spell checker and grammar checker, which work very well. The grammar keyboard itself looks small and is quite easy to use. With a single click, it can scan the entire text and still provide contextual grammar errors, spelling mistakes and recommendations. When you are typing, for example, an official e-mail or business documents, the keyboard is very efficient. The grammar also allows you to add words to your personal dictionary and allows you to choose from your preferred language, American, Australian, British or Canadian English.

Fleksy Keyboard

In this list, Flesky is the only keyboard that allows you to use extensions to write a difficult task. Without leaving the app you’re currently using, you can also do a quick search on the web and extract interesting information from it. Fleksy has a lot of options such as GIF support, stickers, memes, and more, just like the other keyboards in the list. To move your cursor and make changes, Fleksy also allows you to hold down the space bar key. The ability to use the space bar as a cursor on the standard iOS keyboard has only recently been implemented. The Fleksy application offers many customization options, such as the ability to change the keyboard size, themes, etc.

Color keyboard

Color Keyboard is the keyboard application for you if you like to customize everything. The application allows you to create colored themes for your keyboard and change backgrounds, button colors, key colors and fonts. Not only can you customize the text, but also the function buttons. It claims to support more than 40 languages and gives you the possibility to make emojis quickly. It also retains the intelligent cursor function of the iOS 13 keyboard, which allows it to quickly move the insertion point. Other features include quick deletion, the ability to quickly change themes, typing accuracy, etc.

Tenor GIF Keyboard

One of the most popular keyboard applications from iOS is GIF Keyboard by Tenor. It allows you to easily search for GIFs and share them on any messaging application with contacts.  It provides a great browsing and searching experience. To easily find the GIFs you like, you can create new favorites lists. If you wish, you can publish your own GIFs. The special feature of this application is that it allows you to add text and stickers in addition to gifs. Using the cameras of your iPhone, you can even create your own GIFs. In fact, for all your GIF needs, this is a unique solution. And its use is absolutely free.

Rainbow Key

The application gives you access to more than 5,000 new 3D emoticons and stickers, as well as animations. You can search for these emojis and stickers or, with your favorite emojis, create your own personalized keyboards. With well over 40 fonts and images, you can also decorate your keyboard. You can also use built-in themes that really look fantastic if you’re not in the mood for creating your own keyboards. The handy drag-and-drop interface, support for one-handed typing, emoji prediction, emoji skin color customization, and more are just a few of the features. If you like emojis, you’ll appreciate this keyboard application for iOS.

Fancy Key

Fancy Key is a keyboard application that offers a good balance between power and adaptability. It is really the application you need if you are looking for a highly configurable keyboard that also offers normal keyboard functions such as auto-correction, emoji, fonts, etc. It offers an exceptional drag-and-drop typing experience. To customize your keyboard, you can choose from over 50 themes and 100 color combinations.

Keyboard With Better Fonts

The Better Fonts Keyboard may be the one for you if you want to get passionate about the art of text. Better Fonts has one of the world’s largest collections of fonts, and with a simple click of a button you can easily choose them. You can use the Better Fonts keyboard to send text messages via any messaging platform. On social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others, they even work well. A total of 118 fonts are available for you to choose from, a handful of which are chargeable. The Better Fonts keyboard has been downloaded more than 5 million times and is one of the top-rated keyboards in the App Store.

Word Board

You should enable Word Board if you are really tired of writing the same terms/expressions over and over again. The application allows you to create your own custom keyboard for phrases and answers. With a simple press of the keyboard, you can generate and add snippets, templates, phrases and much more. It is ideal for people who like to sort their emails on the iPhone. Keep those other replies handy and add them in seconds. It’s a different keyboard, but useful. You should check this out.


The Bitmoji keyboard comes with Bitmoji, instead of alphabets and numbers. Just search for the ones you want and then press the send button. To use Bitmoji, you must either login to your Snapchat account or register to open a new one. A long list of imaginative avatars is available on the Bitmoji keyboard, and you’re sure to find the right Bitmoji for your mood. The keyboard is also very easy to use and you can log in to your account from the right side of the keyboard.


The Better Fonts keyboard has been downloaded nearly 5 million times and is one of the top-rated keyboards in the App Store. Blink is one of the best apps for one-handed keyboard users. For one-handed use, the application allows you to automatically resize the keyboard. It has an effective auto-correction feature that understands your typing structure and corrects words as you type. It also allows you to enter configurable keyboard shortcuts. Finally, it offers a good choice of themes that allow you to customize the look and feel of the keyboard. All in all, it’s a great third-party keyboard application for iPhone and iPad and you’ll enjoy using it.


GIPHY is a fun keyboard application for iOS that allows users to send GIF images to express their messages. The keyboard uses a huge GIF repository of GIPHY, so you will never run out of images to submit. The ability to create custom GIFs and stickers has also been introduced in GIPHY, and this makes using the keyboard fun. GIPHY is highly optimized for iOS smart phones, unlike other GIF compatible keyboards on the market. Thus, downloading many GIF images will not slow down your iPhone. You can also use this keyboard to publish your content from inside the keyboard, in addition to using the GIPHY keyboard to send funny pictures. If you like to send GIF pictures, then a great alternative is the GIPHY keyboard. The keyboard offers integration with the GIPHY application, so to use the keyboard you wouldn’t even need to download a separate application.