The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist for 2022

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Checklist for 2022

When planning to get married, there are so many things to do in preparation it is easy to get lost or forget something if you do not have a checklist. To ensure you get everything done, here is the ultimate wedding planning timeline that you and your event planner could use to bring your dream from a vision board to reality.

Select your Date

The date is the most important part of your wedding. Whether you are getting married in a large ceremony or a small one, it all has to happen on a particular date, right? Once you and your partner have a date set, the rest comes together.

Curate your Budget

Once the date is set, you will have to decide the amount of money you have for the wedding. Weddings could be a financial pitfall if you just wing them. With a budget on hand, you will be able to tell what you can afford and what is out of reach.

Select some Venues

With a budget on hand, find the place you want. Popular spots book up fast, especially on weekends and wedding seasons like summer. Have a checklist and see what is available, what you can afford, and can’t.

Create a Pinterest Board

Pinterest boards have been saving people with checklists. Whether you want to redecorate or plan anything, a Pinterest board will help you save the ideas you might want to copy or draw inspiration from.

Check the catering company and other staff

There are aspects of a wedding you cannot do without, like catering, ushers, florists, make-up artists, photographers, and others. You need to talk to each one you think might do the job right and get quotes.

Select the Wedding Party and Guest List

Talk to the people you would like to be on your wedding trail and who you would like to attend the event. This list helps the catering team plan their affairs as well. Once you arrange the numbers, you can decide on the venue you need since it will have to host the given number of people.

Start Booking

Once you are done with the research, you can now proceed to make the bookings. Follow this checklist:

  • Wedding venue
  • Book or buy your wedding dress
  • Book your catering company
  • The photographer
  • The florist
  • Book the DJ or the band that will play
  • Book the officiant

You can pay them a deposit for assurance and sign a contract with them just to be safe.

Select your Honeymoon

Once the nuptials are done, it is time to cozy up with your loved one on a sandy island, a tropical location overlooking a green sea of the jungle and African safari, or a cruise. You will have selected one place you two want to bond over based on your mutual agreement. Pay a deposit and get ready to enjoy it once you tie the knot.

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