The Best Ways to Sell DVC Points in 2022

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Disney Vacation Club is one of the world’s most popular timeshare products and has recently added another 3,200 choices to its vacation offering via a partnership with Interval International

Thanks to its innovative offerings and excellent reputation, DVC is a good choice when it comes to timeshare. Yet, it’s also a costly one.  

Buying a DVC membership isn’t a life sentence, but do you know how to sell DVC points when you need to opt-out of your arrangement?

Keep reading to explore your options for selling DVC points in 2022.

Selling DVC Points Privately

You can advertise your points for sale online, via classified ads, or on social media. When you go this route, you can charge whatever you want per point.

There’s an element of risk involved when you sell timeshare this way, thanks to scams and unscrupulous buyers. Selling to a family member could also cause conflict if your peers don’t understand the product fully. 

It’s also difficult to explain the complexities of a DVC membership to the uninitiated. If you leave some aspects out, you could end up with a lawsuit on your hands.

Creating a contract for the sale on your own without any professional liability insurance is a risky prospect. You could face a civil lawsuit if things go wrong. 

Selling DVC Points Via a Broker

The best way to ensure a convenient and successful sale of your DVC points is to work with a DVC specialist reseller. These agents have recognized broker’s licenses and a list of clients searching for these products.

They also have the know-how to draw up contracts correctly and the marketing skills to sell your weeks quicker than you can. 

You can also opt to sell your DVC instantly at a slightly lower price via these companies if you own a high-demand home resort.

Licensed DBC brokers do not charge any upfront fees for their services. They take a commission out of the sale of your week. 

Closing generally takes 60 to 90 days when you sell your DVC points this way. 

Value of DVC Points in 2022

The current price for DVC points on the resale market averages out to $130. Pricing depends on:

  • The number of points you own
  • Your home resort
  • Current availability of points
  • Miscellaneous things related to dues and contract extensions

You’ll never get your money back on a Disney Vacation Club contract, but there is a higher demand for this vacation product than there is for other types of timeshares.

Renting Your DVC Weeks

If you don’t want to part with your DVC points permanently, but want some help paying the maintenance fees, you can rent your points to someone else.

Again, you can opt to do this on your own, or work via a recognized broker for a small fee. 

When you go it alone, you can either advertise the number of points you have available along with some vacation suggestions, or book high-demand accommodation and then rent it out before the occupation date.

Keep Your Travel Dreams Alive

When you sell your DVC points in 2022, that’s not the end of your vacation dreams. You can still enjoy a Disney Vacation by renting accommodation from another owner or booking a vacation the regular way. 

It may cost you a little more, but there is still a world of vacation options out there. Browse our blog for more ideas to inspire your travels.