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Tennis Bracelet That Looks Great When It Overlaps

Tennis Bracelet That Looks Great When It Overlaps

The way to wear jewelry these days is really the ‘overlapping craze’. At the center is a bracelet. For ordinary people, it is better to try overlapping bracelets than necklaces. If you are a fashion follower, you must keep in mind the bracelets and how to divide them. It is largely divided into ‘bracelet’, ‘bangle’, ‘cuff’, etc.

Bracelet is a generic name for bracelets, and it looks like it is wrapped around the wrist. It is made of not only metal, but also leather or fabric. You can think of bangle in the shape of a donut. It is made of a hard material such as gold, silver, wood, or acrylic, and is loosely placed on the wrist or arm. The simpler and thinner the shape, the more popular it can be overlapped. At least 2 or 3 should be overlapped to create a great look. The cuff is in the shape of a C that is placed over the wrist with one side open. They are usually large and have a lot of bold designs, so it’s good to show off your personality. Types with jewels or metal textures are popular. It can also be a dramatic addition to a sleeveless top or dress, or over the long sleeves of a turtleneck knit. When overlapping, be careful not to let the large cuff cover the slender bracelet.

Diamond Tennis Bracelet set in Gold
Diamond Tennis Bracelet set in Gold

Among the many types of bracelets, the classic must-have is the ‘tennis bracelet‘. The original name is ‘diamond line bracelet‘, ‘in-line bracelet’, or ‘eternity bracelet’. He called it this way, meaning ‘a thin bracelet with diamonds arranged in a row, excluding other decorations’. The name ‘tennis bracelet’, widely known to the public, comes from an anecdote of a famous tennis player’s game. In 1987, world number one tennis player Chris Ebert asked the referee to stop the game during a US Open match. It was because the diamond line bracelet he was wearing fell off his wrist. It happened because the latch was released by the violent movement of the arm. The match was suspended until the bracelet was found, and the scene was televised around the world. From then on, people called the diamond line bracelet ‘tennis bracelet’. After that, tennis bracelets were loved by women. Although there is a sense of hesitation these days, middle-aged people who are still interested in accessories consider it an item that should be purchased at least one time. It is best sold as a romantic gift for anniversaries, birthdays, or Christmas to match the elegant atmosphere.

Elegant Wrist Wear for Women

It is a bracelet that makes a woman’s wrist elegant with a single line of diamonds without any other accessories. Wearing just one on your wrist can create an elegant and refined look at formal occasions.

On the other hand, if you layer a tennis bracelet with several metal bracelets on a casual outfit, you look younger and more sophisticated. Most women prefer classic designs, but in the 21st century, a lot of atypical styles have also appeared. In the early days, yellow gold set with diamonds was fashionable, but gradually it expanded to include colored stones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, and garnet, as well as white gold, platinum, pink gold, and silver. Therefore, the distinctive contemporary (modern) style is also welcomed by the younger generation. Among the notable tennis players, Gabriela Sabatini and Serena Williams wore tennis bracelets on the court in flashy uniforms. If anything has changed since 1987, many brands have added a ‘safety chain’ to their tennis bracelets. Although it was not originally a sports accessory designed for intense exercise, a series of episodes changed the design.