Summer Fashion 2021: Latest News and Trends

Summer Fashion 2021: Latest News and Trends

Summer is finally upon us and with it some of the best weeks of the year for fashion. After a long a frigid winter, the world is peeling of its layers and looking to make up for lost time with a fun, free, and fiery summer like no other. The fashion buzzword this summer is “f u n”, which means ditching the serious looks and opting for bright colors, breezy garments, and unabashed sexiness.
If you want to know what summer fashion 2021 is going to be all about, you have come to the right place. For women’s and men’s summer fashion 2021, read on to find out exactly what you need in your closet.

1. Keep It Pastel

One of the defining fashion tips of summer 2021 is the pivot towards pastel that has dominated the runways for the SS21 shows. People want clean, fresh, minimum looks with a burst of color that conveys a newfound joie de vivre. As it turns out, pastel does the job perfectly. When it comes to women, think of pastel boob tubes, miniskirts, and knee-high books. For men’s fashion tips, think pastel blazers and smoking pants.

2. Mini, Mini, Mini

When it comes to summer fashion 2021, it’s all about showing some skin, baby! We’ve all been cooped up for far too long, which is why it’s time to show off your hot bod and feel the summer breeze on your skin. Women’s fashion tips that will dominate include miniskirts (the shortest possible), mini sunglasses, and teeny tiny purses. When it comes to fashion tips for men, it’s all about the thigh-exposing short shorts.

3. Casual and Sharp

Summer 2021 is all about making the absolute most of life and turning everything into a special occasion, without having to put too much effort in. That’s why the casual suit is reigning supreme this year, especially if you combine it with a pastel color combo. The men’s fashion experts at explain exactly what you need for a chic summer suit, including a loosely tailored blazer and some mix-and-matched patterns to make your look truly pop.

4. True Blue

If there was a single color to define summer 2021, it’s duck egg blue. This soft color is the essence of summer, evoking a pastoral vibe while also making a statement. The fashion moment of summer 2021 is duck egg blue accessories. This means making a statement by pairing, say, a duck blue clutch or pair of boots with an all-black or grey ensemble. It’s a truly enchanting color that will make your outfit pop.

5. Swimsuits Are Suits

We’ve all been deprived of water for far too long. That’s why swimsuits have finally made the jump onto the streetwear scene this summer. Don’t be shy. Pair a bikini top with a pair of flares. Wear your men’s swim shorts with a silk shirt for your night on the town. Incorporate the essence of the beach resort into all of your summer outfits.

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