Starting a Fashion Nails Salon Business


At Fashion Nails, nail care is a specialty. Your nails and feet are well treated using a multi-stepped pampering ritual. Offering the best and latest in nail polish and manicures, delivering only the finest, most reliable services to accomplish it. Not to be outdone, they also provide a variety of services like cuticle work, shaping and sculpting, bonding, nail art, filleting, and much more.

If You are Looking for a Fashion Nails Treatment Center

It should combine high-class beauty with modern technology. This means the technicians should be trained using the most modern equipment and should have a clean studio atmosphere. You also need to check out the man or woman who will perform your treatments.


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A good nail care center will provide a number of services. Pedicures and manicures are offered as part of the package. There are different types of pedicures available. One combines hand scrubbing with a polish application and the other has a pumice stone put on top of it for extra shine. Another combines hand scraping with a buffing action and is used to remove old cuticles, and thus shaping your nails as well as creating a more natural nail. A full service, which includes both buffing and peeling as well as sealing and topping, is usually charged extra.

The kind of pedicure chosen should be determined by the style you prefer, and the color of your nails. The pedicure chosen should also match your skin tone and the color of your clothes. Some nail salons also offer facial pedicures – meaning the artist will apply to make-up on your face, which is a part of the whole picture. If you want facial makeup done, it may also be provided by the salon.

Shades of Nail Color

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It is important to choose a nail color that will complement your complexion. Brown shades tend to work best with pale skin, while light shades work better with dark skin. For the most flattering look and appearance, it is best to go with your natural nail color. However, if you are expecting to get a lot of traffic at your beauty salon, you might consider getting a darker shade of nail polish to further compliment your look.

The Types of Nail Polish

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Thinner that is used is also important. Not all nail polish removers are created equal, so it is important to read the instructions. Before using them to make sure you get your hands on the right product. Many people don’t realize that the thinner that is used in manicure and pedicure products. Can be washed off when they come into contact with water. There are thinners that are designed for use outdoors. But they can also be washed off when you get back into your nail salon. This means that you have to purchase two different types of polish remover in order to complete your pedicure and manicure.

Once Your Nails are Finished

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You will need to cover them with an adhesive that matches the color of your fingernails. This way, no one can see your “nails” except you! Some fashion nails artists cover their nails with clear protective coatings, but this is not necessary. If you are covering your nails with something, it is important that it is completely secure, or else it could be pulled off if someone tries to take a run at your nails.


If you are new to doing nail art. Then it is best to start at a nail salon instead of at home. Many salons offer professional classes on how to do nail art. As well as lessons and tips for applying the products that are used at the salon. This will ensure that you get the best results from your fashion nails. Your nail salon stylist will show you exactly what products. You should be using, how often, and which ones to avoid.