Starting a Career in Border Security


Ensuring that borders are kept secure is of paramount importance to the government and its citizens. If border security was not a priority and if it was not focused on, then there would be clear and present risks to the general public. The safety and security of the public must be at the forefront of security services. Ensuring that the borders are tight and that they are secure reduces the risk of threats and helps keep citizens and visitors to the USA safe and secure. So, what part can you play in this important role? How can you make a difference?

Changing Careers – Why Now is the Right Time

There is no perfect time to change careers. You have to do what is right for you and your future. However, the right timeto change careers is always easy to spot and identify, as it is when you are itching for a change and you are desperate to make a difference or an impact. If you are stuck in a career that does nothing other than pay the bills, then it is time to make a positive decision, and begin the process of change. Changing careers does not have to be something you fear or dread. In fact, changing your career to an area that you are now more interested in, and, passionate about should be seen as a positive step to make.

Why Border Security?

If you love your country and your respect your country and its citizens, then why not start a career in border security. You can protect the country you love with the decisions you help make at the border and you can even prevent security threats from becoming reality. Border security is a diverse role and it provides you with an opportunity to meet new people, and experience a new role where you can guarantee no two days will be the same. Within a role at border security, you get to see and feel the impact that you are having. In a lot of careers or jobs seeing the end result or seeing the outcome may never happen.However, with border security you can see the results of your actions, both when you are in work and when you leave work and return to your local community.

Becoming a Border Services Officer – Have You Got What it Takes?

The role of a border services officer is one that is versatile and diverse. One day you could be sat at a desk completing paperwork and the next you could be out on patrol. Diversity is not for everyone and if you struggle to accept and thrive on this diversity daily, then you will need to head back to the drawing board. If on the other hand you thrive on diversity, you need to ask yourself if you have got what it takes to deal with lots of people on a daily basis? Have you got a calm, but firm manner, nature, and tone? Are you approachable, reasonable yet always focused on the task at hand? A good border services office has all of these qualities tied up in a neat bundle.

Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect officer and it is important that you remember this. If you set ridiculously high standards for yourself and if you judge yourself by the behavior and performance of others, then you will be left frustrated and you will be left feeling hurt and maybe even useless. Not pushing yourself too hard, accepting yourstrengths and then working on your weaknesses will help you see if you have what it takes to succeed.

Returning to Education and Studying

Being a border services offer may not be a job that you can just walk straight into. Each checkpoint or control point will have its own minimum requirements and specifications, and some areas will require you to return to education while studying border security programs and sitting exams. Returning to studying and education can feel a bit intense, especially if you have had previously not enjoyed studying or learning. If the role you are looking for, or that you are considering doing, involves going back to the classroom, then this will be something that you will have to face along the way. Keeping in the forefront of your mind what you are studying and why will help you get through the rough patches, and will ensure that you gain the education you require to become a border agent.

Qualities of a Border Services Officer

There are some qualities that boarder officers possess that help to make their whole job that little bit easier and simple. So, do you hold any of the following 4 qualities?If you do not, are these areas that you can brush up on and possibly even enhance over time?

  • Respect – Do you respect yourself? Do you respect those coming into the country, perhaps even illegal immigrants?Do you show your respect to others? Respect is a two-way street and when it is shown, it is reciprocated.
  • Courage – How much can you give and how much can you provide. If you are not courageous then you will struggle to settle into the role with ease.
  • Discipline – You have to be disciplined within your own role, and with the people arriving daily through the border. If discipline is not maintained, then chaos will ensue
  • Dedication – To do well at your job as a border officer you have to be committed to achieving the best standards at all times. If you are lacking dedication, then you will struggle to thrive in the role.

Opportunities for Growth and Progression

The good news is that when you become a border services officer, you will have room to progress, grow and develop. When you have a bit of experience behind you, you can go for other opportunities such as a supervision role or possibly even intelligence roles. Growth and progression will provide you with the opportunity to unlock your true potential.