Rob Lynch Is Making Changes At Papa Johns


The new Papa Johns CEO is changing more than the menu. Tired of meaningless diversity goals that didn’t translate into a supportive work environment, Rob is working to improve the corporate culture. “You can hire people with different experiences and backgrounds. But if you don’t create an inclusive environment for them to bring their best self to work every day, you don’t get the benefit of that diversity,” said Rob.

The results are in and Papa John’s is thriving under its new leadership. The food is better. The sales are up. And best of all, Forbes Magazine put Papa John’s on its “Best Employers for Diversity” list. The momentum is forward and the future is bright for Papa John’s.

Where Did Rob Lynch Come From?

Rob has a strong background in the food industry. His work history includes the following:

  • Brand Manager at Proctor and Gamble
  • Associate Marketing Director at The Kraft Heinz Company
  • Vice President of Marketing at Taco Bell
  • Brand President and Chief Marketing Officer of Arby’s, followed by two years as company president

Rob took over as President and CEO of Papa John’s Pizza on August 26, 2019. Papa John’s new leadership has encouraged the development of new menu items, such as Epic Stuffed Crust Pizza, the New York Style Pizza, and the Shaq-a-Roni. Allowing the employees of the company to innovate and make suggestions has encouraged the kind of creativity the brand needed for years.

Why Shaq And Rob Lynch Make A Great Team

One of the more exciting marketing strategies recently introduced is Shaq & Papa Johns. This may seem like a strange matchup, but in reality, it’s an inspired combination.

Shaquille O’Neal is a long-time Papa John’s Pizza lover. He frequently had a slice or two in his college days. In more recent years, he is the proud owner of nine Papa John’s franchises in the Atlanta area and joined the Board of Directors while serving as an ambassador for the brand.

The Shaq-a-Roni Pizza is now a popular menu item that features the following:

  • An extra-large crust
  • Extra pepperoni and extra cheese toppings
  • Toppings go to the edge
  • Cut into eight giant slices

Everything about the pizza screams extra, huge, and fantastic, qualities that Shaq represents very well.

What’s Next for Rob Lynch and Papa John’s?

Clearly, Rob is on the right track as Papa John’s opens new franchises throughout the world while extending continued support to existing restaurants. The future under the new CEO will emphasize improvements that support employees and customers, such as:

  • Innovation in marketing strategies
  • A diverse company culture
  • Valuing the collaborative input from franchises
  • Launching new menu items while improving the favorites

You can also expect to see more delivery innovations. As recent world events have moved food delivery to the forefront of the restaurant business, Papa John’s has sought to improve the delivery process.

Take a look at the new Papa John’s. There is much to appreciate in both the food and the business.