Quickly and Efficient : The Main Ways To Promote A Channel on YouTube

Quickly and Efficient

Youtube has become one of the main sites this year. In the list of the most visited resources, it ranks second after Google, which means that video hosting is incredibly popular among millions of people around the world. For some, hosting has become a place that people visit after a hard day’s work, some gain knowledge through training videos, and for others, the site has become a place of work.

Influencers, businessmen and major brands came to the site when they realized that YouTube is a good marketing tool with which you can effectively promote goods and services or advertise a personal brand. Competition is growing as fast as the number of new active users. For this reason, many novice bloggers do not know where to start their journey so that their channel becomes noticeable among hundreds of thousands of others.

In this article, we will tell you which ways to attract an audience will help you quickly and effectively get your first or new viewers.

Before starting the page  promotion :

Create a profile. This is an important point to which many new subscribers are irresponsible and because of this they lose potential followers. If the user likes the video, he will definitely go to the author’s page to see who he is and what content he publishes. You only have a few seconds to hook a potential sub. Come up with an interesting account name, it should be memorable and preferably short, so that the user can easily find the channel using the search.

Write a couple of sentences in the “about yourself” section, answer the most important questions : who are you, what is your account about, what content do you shoot, are there thematic headings and how often new videos are released.

Do not forget about the avatar, it is advisable to set a successful portrait as the main photo so that the page  has a “face”. Depersonalized channels are the anti-trend of this year, so even if you are planning to create a commercial profile, we advise you to choose a photo that will depict people.

If you want to initially have a channel with solid numbers of viewers, you can use the chance to buy youtube subscribers. This method is often used by novice bloggers so that potential followers experience a herd instinct and follow you without hesitation.

Promotion methods:

SEO optimization.

One of the best ways to understand what content is interesting to the audience is to analyze the queries in the search bar by keywords. This is done very simply, you need to start entering a query on a topic similar to you and explore those videos that are most popular. You can use this method to determine which keywords are used by competitors and set up the same targeting. The search results will give you a general idea of which videos are the most viewed and which are at the very bottom of the page.


The main purpose of such data is to help YouTube understand what your video is about so that algorithms can offer it to interested viewers. The title and description of your content is a signal for algorithms, so it is important to choose the right words for the video. Also, pay attention to tags and categories, study and add the most relevant words to make it easier for algorithms to recognize the subject of your video.

Effective headers.

The first thing a user sees when they find your content is the title of the video. The title of the clip gives a general idea of the subject of the content. But if the title is ineffective, then users will not stop paying attention to your video and move on to the next one. Headlines should be short, use keywords, but use them naturally so as not to create an advertising effect. Keeping the intrigue in this case is not necessary, make sure that the title will give the maximum idea of your content. Despite the fact that clickbaits can generate transitions to your videos, in the long run they will do more harm than good. If viewers do not find the promised information in the clip, they will simply close it and are unlikely to return to your account again.

Advertising from the authors of popular pages. Not every blogger agrees to collaborate with a novice video maker. Therefore, at the first stage you will have to spend money. Find an author with a similar topic and good statistics. The more viewers on the page, the more expensive the advertising will cost. But you can use the bug competently and make the promotion more effective if you buy real youtube subscribers and advertising from a maker with a small audience. Thus, your wallet will not suffer, and the allocated budget will be divided into two methods of promotion.

Combine methods with each other, create high-quality content and be yourself, then you will definitely achieve the desired result. Good luck!