Home Top List Photocall TV: more than 1,000 free television channels to watch movies, series, football, or live music

Photocall TV: more than 1,000 free television channels to watch movies, series, football, or live music

Photocall TV: more than 1,000 free television channels to watch movies, series, football, or live music

One of the best options is to watch free TV on your mobile or TV.

Photocall TV is a website that collects more than 1,000 television channels worldwide so that we can enjoy their free content on our phones or TV.

If you are looking for a way to watch TV online for free and with channels from Spain and the rest of the world. Photocall TV is one of the best free options today, and in addition, you will not have to install any iOS application or Android on your mobile. You just go to the channel list, choose the one you want, and that’s it.

What is Photocall TV and how does it work?

photocall tv

Photocall is not a magical website with those 1,000 television channels, but rather it drinks from the respective official online broadcasts and orders them by buttons in a very visual way so that you only have to click and enjoy the content. Never before has it been so easy to watch free TV over the Internet. You do not need to download any application or have a satellite dish. You look for the channel that interests you, click, and that’s it.

We explain how to do it step by step below along with some tips to make the experience even better:

How to watch TV for free on your mobile?

Photocall TV is great if you want to watch the Spanish DTT channels from your mobile without going to the website or application of the channel in question (Antena 3, Telecinco, Cuatro, RTVE, etc.), without ads, and without waiting. As we will see, it is ideal for enjoying regional or local channels without living in those areas (for example, you can watch Canal Sur without living in Andalusia).

The difference is that you will also find international channels such as the BBC, NBC, CNN, or ABC, among many others.

Just go to Photocall TV, and you will see this:

From here you will only have to choose the channel you want to watch. They are organized by categories (National -from Spain-, International, Others, Radios…). Although you can also use the search engine to find the one you want.

Photocall TV channels

Photocall TV offers more than 1000 TV and radio channels from all over the world. Categories organize them to make it easier to find them:

Nationals. Here you will find the Spanish DTT channels (La 1, La 2, Antena 3, Cuatro, Telecinco, La Sexta). Including regional and local channels that can only tune in if you live in the community or province in question (such as Canal South, TVG, ETB, Telemadrid, etc.).

If you like sports, there are also the official channels of football teams such as Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Sevilla, or Betis.

  • The great advantage of this is that it is a very comfortable way to watch TV in Spanish for free without resorting to services like Atresplayer, Mitele, RTVE Play, etc. You have them all here.
  • International. Think of the major TV channels from any country in the world, and they are probably here. From CNN, ABC, Fox, BBC, Italy’s Rai, China’s CCTV, or France’s Canal+ to channels like NASA or other musicals like MTV. The recommended way to watch these channels without problems is to use a VPN with an address from the country of the channel you want. For example, if you want to watch CNN, we recommend using a VPN like NordVPN and using a United States address.
  • Others. Most of the National or International channels are free to air, but in the Other category, we find others that are usually paid, such as sports (soccer, NBA, Formula 1, Moto GP, etc.). In these yes or yes, you will need a VPN and indicate an IP address associated with that country to enjoy the content.
  • Radio. You will also be able to listen to many radio stations, national (SER, Cope, Onda Cero, RNE, Rock FM, etc.) and international (BBC, CNN, NBC, etc.). On international ones, again, you will need a VPN.

How to watch Photocall channels?

Go to the list of channels and look for the one you want. Click on its logo, and then a menu will be displayed with different options like this (for example, with Canal Sur):

The simplest thing is that you give Directo 1, the first one that appears. It will be a live broadcast at that time. Click there, and another window will open with a player and the broadcast running. It is normal for there to be a short delay in the TV broadcast.

The other options are usually the same broadcast but in sign language (in this case, Direct 2). The official YouTube broadcast, or from accounts like Tivify.

Once in the broadcast, you will be able to adjust the quality (if things go wrong, it may be because of your connection. So in that case, it would be recommended that you lower the quality), enlarge the entire screen, put it in PiP format ( picture in picture, in case you want to leave it in the background while you do other things). Pause the content, or cast it to a nearby Chromecast.

How to use VPN to enjoy Photocall TV without problems?

 A VPN is a Virtual Private Network (Red Privada Virtual in Spanish) that is created to browse in a more private way and with a clear advantage: since it is virtual, you can choose the country from which you are supposedly browsing. To connect to the Internet, your mobile or PC must connect through your operator’s router or the data network (if you are away from home). The VPN creates a tunnel between your mobile or PC and the router so that you “mask” your real IP and location.

This is an advantage to avoid being used to generate advertising profiles and to access websites that are only available in specific countries. Such as the international channels of Photocall TV.

Our favorite VPN is NordVPN . It is one of the ones with the best technology. It is reliable, and it also offers a password manager ( NordPass ). Other services are included in the VPN, such as an ad tracker blocker. It is paid, but it hardly costs more than 3.12 USD per month in its basic plan, cheap for everything it offers.

We don’t recommend using free VPNs because they are less reliable and work worse (in the end, when something is free, the price is your data).

At what quality are the Photocall TV channels viewed?

Expect to see something other than 4K UHD content here. Most channels offer 1080p resolution, which is good considering you’re not paying anything. At other times you will have to settle for 720p, which is also quite good and is plenty for mobile if you are not at home.

Where to watch football on Photocall TV?

At Photocall TV, you can watch football for free on your mobile or TV, even if you don’t expect an à la carte service to choose which game you want. We have to settle for Gol TV, the free-to-air Spanish channel that broadcasts a Spanish League match every weekend. Movistar holds the rights to football in Spain, so Gol TV is the option to watch football on Photocall TV.

You will also find the official channels of teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Manchester United, or Liverpool and thematic channels focused on sports such as Marca TV.

How to watch Photocall TV on TV?

To watch any Photocall TV channel on your TV. You will need a Smart TV with integrated Chromecast or a TV to which you put an external Chromecast. If you don’t have a Chromecast, you can often find it on sale on Amazon.

Once you click on the channel you want to send to your TV (both from your mobile and your computer). You have to look for this symbol that we highlight in red located at the bottom right of the player.

Once you hit the button, a drop-down menu will open in which you will see the compatible Chromecast devices. Find your TV in the list and link it with Photocall, and… that’s it!

How to watch Telecinco or any DTT channel for free outside of Spain

One of the advantages of Photocall is that you can continue watching free-to-air Spanish television channels if you travel or live abroad. You only need to activate a VPN that points to Spain. Select the Photocall Telecinco list or the channel you want, and enjoy.

Is Photocall TV safe?

Yes, the web does not install any strange compliment and the content of the DTT channels in Spain is completely legal. In addition, the web does not abuse advertising and is quite friendly to use (unlike other pages, which practically every click you find with an ad).

In addition to Photocall TV, there are other free options for watching TV online.

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