Home Tech Is It True That You Can Make Money with Metaverse Games? 5 Recommended Metaverse Games

Is It True That You Can Make Money with Metaverse Games? 5 Recommended Metaverse Games

Is It True That You Can Make Money with Metaverse Games? 5 Recommended Metaverse Games

I think there are many people who have thought, “I wish I could live just by playing games.”

In fact, the “Metaverse” game, which has already attracted attention in recent years, makes this possible.

In this article, for those who want to make money with Metaverse games, we will explain “What is Metaverse” and introduce “Metaverse games that you can play and earn”!

What is Metaverse?

What is Metaverse?

A “metaverse” is a virtual space created on the Internet.

It is a coined word that combines the English words “meta” and “universe”, and is the name of a fictitious virtual space service that appears in Neil Stevenson’s science fiction novel “Snow Crash” published in 1992. It is the origin of the word.

Metaverse users transform themselves into avatars in 3DCG space,

Interact with other users, enjoy the content,

You can carry out economic activities such as buying and selling goods.

There are various interpretations of the definition of the Metaverse, but in the Metaverse commentary “Metaverse Evolution” (Technical Review, 2022), “spatiality,” “self-identity,” “large-scale simultaneous connectivity,” and “creativity.” It is defined as an online virtual space that meets the seven requirements of “economics,” “accessibility,” and “immersiveness.”

On October 28, 2021, Facebook changed its name to “Meta” and announced that it would focus on “Metaverse” in the future.

It is a word that has been attracting attention in business in recent years.

| Why The Metaverse is Attracting Attention

The reason why Metaverse has been attracting attention in recent years is that the speed of the Internet line has increased due to the evolution of technology, and anyone can easily experience it due to the influence of the performance improvement of various devices.

It also has a high affinity with the booming blockchain technology and NFT (Non-Fungible Token).

And the big reason is to enable new experiences online such as “communication close to reality by the sense of distance and movement between avatars in virtual space”.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, it has become difficult to communicate face-to-face and hold events.

The demand for new activities and experiences online is increasing worldwide.

| Familiar Metaverse Games

Familiar Metaverse Games

Metaverse is expected to be used in various fields such as advertising, marketing, tourism, medical care, real estate, and manufacturing, but the game field is currently the most popular.

Because the Metaverse is deployed in 3D space and a large number of users participate at the same time,

Maximize the 3DCG production/operation technology and large-scale simultaneous connection/processing technology required to develop games such as MMORPG (an online game in which hundreds to thousands of players can participate simultaneously via the Internet). Because it can be used for.

There are already some game works that are said to be Metaverse in the world, so I will introduce them from now on.

Animal Crossing Forest

Animal Crossing Forest

“Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest” (abbreviated as “Animal Crossing”) is a game software for Nintendo Switch released by Nintendo on March 20, 2020.

Users can become animal avatars and enjoy “another world” by freely changing the interior of their home, creating tools and furniture by DIY, and even customizing their own island.

Due to the release at the timing when the desire to share daily life with friends increased due to the restrictions on going out of Korona-ka, and the simple game content and operability,

It became a boom as a game that everyone would receive.

Many users customize their islands and post them on SNS and communicate with their friends.

Due to its high affinity with social media, many corporate collaboration contents have been developed, and

The participation of well-known brands such as Valentino and Marc Jacobs is another reason for the popularity of the work.

By the way, thanks to this game, I was able to communicate with friends I hadn’t met in Korona-ka for many years.

It can be said that the view of the world where you can enjoy your daily life online with your friends is a projection of the charm of the Metaverse.

Fort Knight

Fort Knight

Fortnite is a free-to-play online battle royale game released by Epic Games on July 21, 2017.

Not only in “battle mode” where up to 100 people fight for survival by shooting until they are the last one

“Creative mode” where you can create content with original rules and ideas on your own island and share it with your friends.

The attraction of Fortnite is that it has a “Party Royal Mode” where users can get together and watch a virtual life while making a noise, which became a hot topic in the appearance of Kenshi Yonezu and Travis Scott.

I have participated in a virtual life with the famous singer Ariana Grande, but I experienced a new feeling that my actions became part of the live performance in real-time.

There is also an element as an SNS, and the fact that it is also used as a place of communication utilizing the voice chat function is a factor that is received by a wide range of age groups.

·  Mine Craft

Mine Craft

“Minecraft” is an open-world game that was officially released by Microsoft’s subsidiary Mojang Studios in November 2011 and has no fixed purpose for users.

Enjoy the four elements of mining, adventure, construction, and livestock farming, collaborating and competing with other participants, fighting other creatures, and more.

It is a game with a high degree of freedom that allows you to change the costume of your avatar and build your own world.

We are trying to adopt blockchain technology and in cooperation with the digital asset issuing platform “Enjin platform (engine platform)”,

Introducing digital assets on Minecraft,

Development is underway so that items created and acquired in the game can be bought and sold between individuals.

| Is It True That You Can Earn Money in Metaverse Games?

Do you know the concept of “Play to Earn”?

This refers to the idea of ​​”playing games and earning money.”

Currently, you can earn virtual currency and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) as rewards by playing games with blockchain technology.

Because the cryptocurrency and NFT are valuable as real assets

The time has finally come when you can make money just by playing real games.

From here, I will explain specifically how you can play the game and earn money.

Items Sell

You can earn money by selling your own game characters and items as NFTs.

Rare NFTs, such as limited distribution to some people, characters that have grown over time, and rare items that are unlikely to be acquired, can be earned because they are traded at high prices in the market.

Asset Management is Also Possible

Purchase some in-game parcels and spaces as “land” and

Because you can make a profit by reselling or renting

It is treated as real estate and can be managed as an asset.

Land prices also fluctuate daily due to supply and demand, so

Depending on the timing of sales, you may be able to earn a large amount of money.

| Notable Metaverse Game

I explained how to make money in the game. But there are still some games that actually introduce the elements of Metaverse, blockchain, and NFT.

However, there are already ordinary people and businesses playing for the purpose of earning those games.

From here, we will introduce a Metaverse game that you can play and earn.



“Decentraland” is a metaverse game that utilizes blockchain technology and was released to the public in 2020.

Users can explore the Metaverse world, which consists of approximately 90,000 lots of land “LAND” in the game.

You can see LAND designed by other users for free,

You can interact with users all over the world,

By paying the usage fee with the in-game virtual currency “MANA” that can be used for all transactions in Decentraland

You can enjoy various content such as virtual live and mini-games.

Digital items such as land “LAND”, avatar clothes, and user names can be traded as NFTs. So you can sell them and make a profit.

In particular, the price of land “LAND” was about 375$ for 1 LAND as of 2019, but in the latter half of 2021. It will be traded for about 4.5$ to 1 million dollars or more, so the price may rise momentum.

Depending on the timing of the sale, there is a possibility of making a big profit.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity

“Axie Infinity” is a metaverse game released in 2018.

It has become a hot topic as a blockchain game where you can earn virtual currency.

There is also information that some people in Southeast Asia make a living from this game.

The content of the game is to play, breed, breed, and trade using monsters called Axie.

In order to play the game, you first need to purchase 3 Axis,

The initial cost is tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. But since you can borrow Axie from other users and play the game for free,

The feature is that even beginners can easily get started.

Concerns about the game itself include being hacked in March 2022.

The outflow of virtual currency has increased the distrust of users.

Currently, we are heading for recovery with the cooperation of major exchanges such as Binance.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox

The Sandbox” is a “user-driven game platform” based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology, which is scheduled to be officially released in the latter half of 2022.

It was also talked about that Square Enix and Softbank invested.

The Sandbox allows you to own in-game NFT lands and create games and dioramas on those lands.

And if you provide them to other users for a fee, you can earn SAND of virtual currency.

You can also earn SAND by selling in-game items on the NFT market or renting out land to others.



“Cluster” is a metaverse game that can be easily accessed with smartphones and VR headsets officially released in 2017.

So far, virtual spaces such as “Virtual Shibuya” and Pokemon’s virtual amusement park “Pokemon Virtual Fest” have been opened and virtual events have been held.

We have released “World Craft,” a function that allows anyone to create a metaverse space. We are also working to lower the barriers to entry for users.

You can interact with other users, play games, and hold events in the world created by each user.

It is possible to earn “V points” by holding an event individually and collecting many users to receive gift items, and by cashing them.

| Summary

In this article, a virtual space called “Metaverse” enables new communication with the majority of others online.

We introduced the fact that games that have introduced blockchain technology and NFTs make it possible to “play and earn” in the game field, which is most expected to be used.

Due to technological advances and changes in people’s values, the number of Metaverse game works will continue to increase.

The chances of earning money just by playing will increase.

While thinking of such a wonderful future. Please try playing the game introduced this time and experience the “potential of Metaverse”!