How to Wear a Watch: A Style Guide for Men

How to Wear a Watch: A Style Guide for Men

Did you know the oldest known mechanical watch dates from 1510? Since this delicate but rudimentary device, watches have adapted to become more than just timepieces. But with so many types and styles available, do you know how to wear them correctly?

The right watch can really enhance an outfit. Read on as we discuss how to wear a watch.

Styling a Watch

If you have a number of watches, you may be lucky enough to be able to match them to your outfit. Luckily, this is not a complex process. All you have to do is match like with like.

The main focus is on the materials, primarily what the watch is made from, and the wristband. For example, gold watches should be matched with gold accessories, such as gold cufflinks and gold belt buckles.

When it comes to wristbands, you have a little more room for variation. Similar leathers should match the ones on your shoes and belt. You may even have more relaxed watches with colored plastic or cord bands, which could tie into a relaxed, beach-style belt.

One final pointer is the watch face. Lighter dials tend to be used in the daytime, with darker ones worn in the evening.

Inside or Outside?

When wearing a watch, it needs a very unique placement in relation to the cuff. If your arms are by your side, then the sleeve should cover the watch itself. However, when the arm bends to a right angle, the watch should be partially or fully visible.

Never wear a watch on top of a cuff. You should also try to avoid bunching cuffs up behind an oversized or bulky watch.

Which Wrist?

There is no hard and fast rule on what hand your watch should be on. Generally, for the purpose of movement and comfort, it is worn on the non-dominant hand. However, you can choose whichever looks best or just feels right.

Types of Watches

Picking the right watch for the occasion is imperative. For example, you don’t want a bulky, camo watch with GPS worn with a tuxedo at a black-tie gala. . Thus, you need to break watches down into categories.

Dress watches are the traditionally styled watches you would wear with suits. They are usually smaller with more delicate features.

Aviation and motorsport watches can also count as dress watches, though they are bulkier and bigger. They can be worn with smart outfits, but also go a little more into the casual territory.

Finally, sport and adventure watches are purely for recreation. They may have colors, patterns, and added features that are great for activity, but not so much for formal occasions. You find a great range for all occasions at

How to Wear a Watch

Now you know how to wear a watch, all you need to do is have enough to be able to mix and swap them. Ideally, have a watch for each of the occasions mentioned in the last section. This way, you will always have something for every outfit.

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