How to Start Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

Green footprint concept

The term “carbon footprint” has been around for roughly 21 years. It was coined in 2000 in an ad created by Keep America Beautiful, a charity set up and supported by many major companies, including BP.

The original goal of the term was to shift blame for climate change and air pollution off major corporations and on to the public. While the origin of “carbon footprint” is quite sketchy, there is some truth to it.

We may not bear near as much blame for climate change as BP and other companies, everybody can do things to help reduce their carbon output. We’ll talk about what you can do in this article.

What Is a Carbon Footprint?

Before we talk about how to reduce our carbon footprints, we need to define what a carbon footprint is. A carbon footprint is an estimation of how much carbon you put into the atmosphere over a certain period of time.

Various activities we all do, such as driving our cars, buying food, and keeping our lights on, generate a certain amount of pollution. While most of the things that make up our carbon footprint are necessary, not everything is.

1. Maintain Your Car

While the most effective option for reducing your vehicular carbon footprint is to drive less or take public transportation, there are ways to reduce emissions without cutting back on driving.

If you have to drive a lot, at least make sure that your car is in good shape. A well-maintained car will work more efficiently, which saves you gas money and helps the environment.

If you’re in the market for a car, go for something fuel-efficient. If you’re looking for affordable, efficient cars, we suggest the Honda Civic or Accord.

2.  Turn the Temperature Down

Nobody wants to live in a cold, dark house, but you don’t have to go that far to save energy. Turning the thermostat down a mere few degrees will use less energy.

You can also try washing your clothes in cold water. It uses less energy because the water doesn’t need to be heated.

Additionally, clothes washed in cold water are less likely to shrink, fade, or wrinkle. There’s also no danger of clothing changing color when washed together.

If you want to go all out, you could generate your own energy by installing solar panels. You can find a great solar installation company at

3. Shop at Thrift Stores

The world of high fashion can be very confusing. One of the more baffling trends at the moment is vintage clothes.

People want to look like they walked out of a different time period and to wear clothes that you can’t really get anymore. It’s an interesting idea, but clothing designers have taken advantage and are charging people a fortune for new clothes that look like old clothes.

As far as the environment and your pocketbook are concerned, it’s best to go right to the source and shop at a thrift store.

Your Carbon Footprint and How You Can Reduce it

There are things that all of us can do to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve talked about a few in this article, but there are plenty of other solutions.

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