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How to prevent your mattress from sinking or sagging

How to prevent your mattress from sinking or sagging

Nevermistake body impressions for a sagging mattress. body impressions are naturally formed when you sleep and actually help with muscle and spinal alignment. a sagging mattress on the other hand means that there are some dents in your mattress and this could lead to major discomfort, and eventually lack of sleep.

What causes dents in the mattress? there are two main reasons why your mattress may start sagging. One is due to the natural compression from your body and the next is breakdown of the mattress’s components either naturally or prematurely.  A sinking mattress does not provide any muscle and bone support, leaving you exhausted and feeling uncomfortable.

How to prevent your mattress from sagging

Flip the mattress constantly

To keep the mattress in top notch condition, specialist recommend that we flip the mattress at least once in three months. To flip the mattress, you need to flip top and bottom sides as well as horizontally. Flipping the mattress is important because it keeps the materials in the mattress evenly distributed. Since you use both sides of the mattress equally, there will be minimal to no sagging on the mattress throughout its use.

Use a sturdy support/bedframe

Good frames have many functions, they can provide you with storage options, be the centerpiece of the room or best of all support your quality mattress.  The bed frame acts as the main foundation of the mattress and is meant to hold your mattress in place.  A poor-quality frame will cause your mattress to sag and age quicker than expected.

When choosing a bed frame for your mattress, or vice versa make sure you go with one that is the perfect fit for your mattress. if the bed frame happens to be bigger or smaller than your mattress, then it will cause the mattress to shift around creating holes in the mattress. Consider investing in an adjustable base bed that will allow you to find the perfect position, whether you are reading a book or taking a nap.

The bedframe should be able to support the weight of the mattress. Nowadays, mattresses and made of several layers, some made of metal making them heavier.  Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the quality of bed frame to get for the type of mattress you want. You can also check furniture quality studies for reviews on quality furniture, including bed frames that will give you much needed support to prevent your mattress from sagging.

Reinforce with a mattress topper

Mattress toppers are mattress-like paddings that are meant to go over the mattress to provide the user with extra comfort.  You can find mattress toppers made from a variety of different materials including latex, memory foam, gel, hollowfiber or microfiber.

mattress toppers can help you prevent your mattress from sagging. They work by taking some of the pressure off your mattress hen you sleep. This means that the mattress will not wear down as fast and you can extend its use.  You will also enjoy the extra comfort and pressure relief that comes with using a mattress topper.

Change your sleeping position

Sleeping on one position in the mattress will no doubt cause some indentation eventually. Always change you sleeping position on the mattress to avoid sagging. This means that you sleep on one side of the mattress for a while, switch to the other side for the same period and repeat the process. If with a partner with different body weights take turns sleeping in different sides.

Can you fix a sagging mattress?

Unfortunately, no you cannot fix your sagging mattress. however, there are some fixes that you can use to make the mattress last you a little bit longer.

Add support to the sagging area

If the sagging area is really noticeable and keep you from having a good night’s rest, you need a temporary fix before you can replace the mattress. adding a small pillow below the area where the mattress is sagging should give you some extra support temporarily. This does not make the crater disappear completely which is why it should only be a temporary fix. Otherwise, if you continue sleeping on this long term you may develop muscle issues and fatigue.

Change your mattress

Once your mattress starts to sag, it can be difficult to fix the problem. This means you will need to replace your mattress for a more comfortable and relaxed sleep.