Home Business How to Make a Print Ads: A Complete Guide

How to Make a Print Ads: A Complete Guide

How to Make a Print Ads: A Complete Guide

There’s no secret that most people use the Internet these days but there’s still merit in traditional print advertisements.

Not everyone is online and you can integrate technology with your print ads to satisfy both parties. You could include a QR code to your site, for example.

That said, you also need to learn how to make a print ad. The good news is we’re here to help you tackle this. Read on below to learn how you can make an effective print ad today:

Start With a Template

Don’t fret if it’s your first time making print ads. You don’t have to make them from scratch. You can use print ad templates for tools like Photoshop or Illustrator.

A template makes for a great print advertisement example. You can choose to alter the template file or use it instead as an inspiration when designing your own.

Use Negative Space Effectively

A key philosophy in print ad design is to avoid overstuffing. Don’t fill every inch of your poster, flyers, or stickers with images and text. Use negative space to your advantage.

Good picture composition is all about figuring out which image to use as a centerpiece. Give it some negative space so it can stand out.

Pictures Matter

Speaking of images and letting them stand out, don’t rely on any random image you find. A single photo can say a lot about your products or services so make sure it grabs attention as quickly as possible.

Print advertisement focuses on text, from eye-catching headlines to the big, font on a flyer. Pair your picture of choice with the right text — or don’t use any at all if the point is to let the photo deliver the message.

Pick a Format

When learning how to make a print ad in Photoshop, you’ll discover there are templates and design options for all sorts of print ads. The format for a brochure is a lot different compared to a one-page flyer or a poster.

Pick a format that works for the image and text you want to include. Let the message influence the format you’ll go for.

Tools for Convenience

We’ve already mentioned Photoshop — which you should use for its power and convenience. There’s no point in designing print ads nowadays solely through traditional printing methods.

For further convenience, consider buying tools like a sticker maker or a customizable stamp.

Now You Know How to Make a Print Ad

Learning how to make a print ad isn’t as difficult as one might assume. You can use beginner-friendly templates and convenient tools like Photoshop to get a head start. Use negative space wisely and take your time to pick the right photos.

Of course, print ads aren’t the only forms of reaching out to your consumers, especially those within the local area. To learn more about digital marketing or other methods available, feel free to continue reading our other marketing guides and posts right here, today!