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How to Get Started With Collecting Sneakers

How to Get Started With Collecting Sneakers

Collecting sneakers used to be little more than a hobby for some people. But in recent years, collecting sneakers has blossomed into a big business that is worth billions of dollars.

Because of this, it isn’t as easy to start a sneaker collection as it once was. You need to turn yourself into a true sneakerhead to get your hands on the collectible sneakers that’ll provide you with the most value possible.

Would you like to begin collecting sneakers so that you can build a sick sneaker collection from the ground up? We’re going to break down how you can do it so that you’re able to get sneaker collecting off to a strong start.

Keep reading to see how you can get started with collecting sneakers in no time at all.

Begin Setting Aside Money to Buy Sneakers

Once upon a time, it wasn’t all that difficult for people to fit sneakers into their budgets. They were able to find sneakers for as little as just $20 in some cases.

But these days, the average sneakers sell for somewhere between $70 and $250. So as you can imagine, collecting sneakers can become quite expensive for many people.

Before you begin trying to launch a sneaker collection, you’ll need to start setting aside some money to do it. It would be worth saving up at least $1,000 or so in order to purchase your first few pairs of sneakers.

You’ll also need to get into the habit of saving a little bit of money each month for sneakers. It’ll put you in a position to gradually add to your sneakers collection over time.

Decide Where You’re Going to Store the Sneakers You Buy

When you first start collecting sneakers, you should be able to find room in your bedroom closet for them. But as your sneaker collection grows, you’re going to have a tough time squeezing all your sneakers into your closet.

You’ll need to find a better storage system for them. Some people have gone as far as to build themselves sneaker closets or to devote entire spare bedrooms to sneakers.

You should keep sneakers out of any environments where they might get wet or damaged (so no storing them in your basement!). You will have to carve out a safe space for them to ensure that you’re able to add to your collection without having to worry about anything happening to your sneakers.

Figure Out Which Kinds of Sneakers You’re Going to Collect

Which types of sneakers are you going to collect? Do you want to buy a new basketball shoe every other week—or would you prefer to purchase shoes that are usually used for track and field?

You’re more than welcome to collect any types of sneakers that you want. But it’ll be important for you to narrow down your options so that you can focus exclusively on the kinds of sneakers that you like.

Some sneaker collectors won’t buy anything except Air Jordans. Others tend to fall in love with Waffle Nike shoes. It all depends on what your personal preference is.

Keep Tabs on All the Latest Sneaker Releases

All of the different sneaker brands that are out there are constantly releasing new sneakers all the time. It can make it almost impossible for the average sneaker collector to keep tabs on what’s being released.

But you can do it if you put your mind to it. You should make it your mission to read through some of the biggest and best sneaker blogs around. They’ll keep you informed on which new sneakers are dropping each week.

There are literally dozens and dozens of great sneaker blogs that can provide you with the information that you need on new sneaker releases. When collecting sneakers, it’s going to be your job to subscribe to them and spend as much time as you can reading through them.

By doing this, you’ll also be able to find out more than just which sneakers are being released and when. You’ll get the chance to gauge which new sneakers you like as well.

Try to Buy Sneakers as Soon as They Go on Sale Whenever Possible

Back in the day, sneaker collectors didn’t have to worry about standing in line to buy sneakers the second they came out. They could take their time when deciding which sneakers they wanted to invest their money in.

In fact, there were some sneakers that sell for hundreds of dollars nowadays that used to end up on clearance racks. It wasn’t all that out of the ordinary for people to scoop up some of the earliest Air Jordan releases after deep discounts had been attached to them.

Those days are long gone, though. Today, you need to act fast if you’re going to pick up a pair of new sneakers. Otherwise, you’ll find that certain new sneakers will sell out within just minutes of being released.

Even if you’re deadset on buying a pair of sneakers, there is no guarantee that you’re going to get your hands on them. They may very well sell out before you’re able to get your order in.

But you’ll stand a much greater chance of being able to purchase new sneakers when you’re ready to go as soon as they come out. It may prevent you from striking out when you’re trying to snag a pair of sneakers that everyone seems to want.

Shop Around for the Best Deals on Sneakers

If you aren’t able to secure a pair of sneakers that you really liked when they were first released, you might think that you’re going to be out of luck. But the good news for sneaker collectors is that the resale market for sneakers has grown into its own billion-dollar industry.

So if you aren’t able to get sneakers when they first go on sale, you can always try to pick up a pair on the secondary market. There are so many resellers out there who can make your dreams come true by helping you score a pair of sneakers that you really had your eye on.

But you should know that these resellers are often going to mark up their prices to try to turn the biggest profits possible. So you’re going to want to shop around on the secondary market for sneakers before agreeing to buy a pair.

You probably aren’t going to be able to save too much money by shopping around for sneakers. But even if you save $10 or $20, it’ll add up over the months and years and enable you to buy more sneakers than you would be able to otherwise.

Make Sure You Don’t Get Caught Buying Fake Sneakers

One of the things that you do not want to do when collecting sneakers is ending up with any fake sneakers in your collection. It’s going to make you look bad as a sneaker collector, and it’s also going to cost you money.

Fortunately, it’s become a lot easier to avoid buying fake sneakers in recent years. Websites that specialize in selling sneakers on the resale market go to great lengths to ensure they aren’t selling counterfeit shoes to their customers.

But every now and then, those collecting sneakers will agree to buy a pair from a fellow collector. In this case, you aren’t going to get the protection that you would get when you purchase sneakers through a site. You’ll want to pay close attention to what you’re buying and look for any signs that might show that you’re investing in fake sneakers.

Be Careful When Purchasing High-Priced Sneakers in Person

More often than not, those people who purchase sneakers to add to their collections will do so online. It’s become very easy for them to order sneakers on the internet in a matter of just minutes and have them shipped straight to their homes.

In a perfect world, you would be able to do this with every single pair of sneakers that you buy. But every so often, you might have to meet up with someone who is selling sneakers in person to buy them.

You should do your best to be careful when you do this. There have been more than a few news stories about sneaker collectors getting robbed while buying pricey sneakers in person over the last few years.

If you’re going to buy sneakers from someone in person, it’s usually a good idea to try to do it near a police station. This way, you won’t have to worry too much about the person who is selling them trying anything funny during your transaction.

Keep Your Sneakers as Clean as You Can Get Them

While collecting sneakers, there will be some shoes that you won’t ever put onto your feet. They’ll be collector’s items, and because of this, you won’t want to run the risk of getting them dirty.

You should, however, try to wear at least some of the sneakers that you collect. You don’t want to just let them sit in your home and gather dust over the years. It won’t allow you to enjoy the fruits of being a sneakerhead.

At the same time, you don’t want to put too much wear and tear on the sneakers that you collect. You’re going to hurt their value quite a bit if you get your sneakers dirty and don’t make any effort to clean them.

It would be well worth investing in a sneaker cleaning kit that you can use to get your sneakers shiny after every time that you wear them. Or if nothing else, you should use a damp cloth to wipe away any blemishes from your sneakers before sticking them back into storage.

You aren’t going to be able to keep every pair of sneakers that you own spotless. It’s always good to have a few pairs of “beaters” lying around that you can wear and run into the ground.

But generally speaking, you should try to pick and choose your spots when it comes to wearing the sneakers that you collect. You should also work hard to keep the majority of your sneakers clean.

Monitor How Much the Sneakers in Your Collection Are Worth

When you first buy a new pair of sneakers, you’ll know exactly what they’re worth. Unless you overpaid for them by a lot, they’ll be worth whatever you were willing to shell out for them.

But as time goes on, you’re going to find that the value of your sneakers and your sneaker collection as a whole will change. Some of your sneakers will be worth a lot more in a year or two, while others may become more easily accessible for others and go down in value.

Whatever the case, you should have an idea of what your sneakers are worth. You might also want to strategically start selling off some sneakers that have gone up in value so that you can buy up more sneakers to beef up your collection.

Collecting Sneakers Can Be Both Fun and Profitable

There is a good reason why so many people are collecting sneakers in 2022. They love how much fun it is—and they appreciate the fact that sneakers can be a worthwhile investment.

Prior to collecting sneakers, though, you should make sure you begin by taking all the steps listed here. They’ll enable you to grow a great sneaker collection that is filled with so many amazing shoes.

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