How Technology Is Helping Business Get More Done Without Having To Increase Headcount


As businesses grow, the costs that they have to pay out often grow with them. For example, if they want to sell more goods, they’ll have to increase production, which often increases the headcount in their business. Although employees are an important asset to any business, they can also be one of the most expensive assets to any business. Unlike a piece of equipment, you’ll never fully pay off the expense of hiring a new employee. Even during the quieter periods of your year, you’ll still have to pay that employee a wage until either the day they leave the company, the day you make them redundant, or even the day the business goes bankrupt. As they are such an expensive asset, they are often the assets that businesses least like investing in. Here’s a look at some of the alternative ways business owners can grow their business without having to increase the headcount.

Automating more physical processes

When you’re only producing a small number of products every day, your small team probably has enough time in the day to oversee every part of the production process. When you increase the number of products you’re producing every day, there may be a point where your staff simply can’t keep up with the orders. Instead of employing a new member of staff, why not see if you can automate some of the simpler parts of the production process. For example, if your employees spend a long time transporting products from one part of the production line to another, why not try and introduce a conveyor system to remove that job from them. If you invest in a product from a belt conveyor company, you can rest assured that this part of the process is being done just as effectively as if a human was to complete it and free up your employee’s time for more important tasks.

Speeding up the amount of time it takes to solve customer problems

When you increase the number of products you sell, you’re also likely to increase the number of customers that want to get in touch with you. Whether it’s a query from a potential customer about a product or a complaint from someone who has already purchased something from you, it’s important that you answer these queries as quickly as possible. Instead of inviting people to call you with their problems, why not create an online system where they can submit queries. This way, you can set aside a small portion of the day to respond to these queries when convenient rather than having to grab the phone whenever it rings during the day.

Making offices more organized

Another great way of increasing your workforce’s productivity is to simply make sure your team is as organised as possible. If you already have a large workforce, try and schedule their tasks using a shared calendar. That way, you can easily spot when employees have space free in their calendar to complete other jobs that need doing within the business.