History Of Cannabis And Its Prominent Culture



Cannabis, also known as (grass, pot and ganja), has a history of use. It is the most dynamic drug since the 20th century. Cannabis was also used in the ancient Hindu civilization, the word “Ganja” comes from the Sanskrit word. It is commonly used as a source of recreational drugs.

Cannabis Users

Cannabis has become a common street drug where the person selling it is known as a peddler, who sells it to the user also known as a “stoner”. It is consumed daily by students aged 12 to 18, and even by adults who smoke at parties, clubs and even on the street. Many hip-hop artists have found lyrics named after the herb and have opened up about their addiction to it.

Why Do People Smoke Weed

The majority of teenagers smoke pot to get rid of certain conditions, including body aches, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and stress. Others have their own reasons for smoking, depending on the circle of friends around them and also on their lifestyle.

Effects On Body And Mind

Those who smoke regularly believe that smoking marijuana is harmless, but this is not the case. There are psychological and health effects,

– Loss of coordination

– Anxiety

– Increase in the person’s heart rate

– Damaged lungs

– Weakened immune system

– Paranoia

– Lack of memory and thinking ability

Health Benefits

In addition to the disadvantages, cannabis use has health benefits. CBD and THC, which are the main reasons for cannabis use, have an impact on the brain, which relaxes it, but does not cause it to explode.

The Resulting Health Benefits Are As Follows

– Improved lung capacity

– Helping to lose weight

– Preventing Diabetes

– Cure cancer (in most cases)

– Relieves post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

– Helps reduce seizures

– Relief of chronic pain

Approximately 2.5 percent of the world’s population are cannabis users.

53% of marijuana users are between 12 and 18 years of age.

Cannabis Social Networking :

As you are all familiar with the wide range of cannabis use, there are also cannabis-related social networking sites and communities where “stoners” (the “potheads”) connect. The reason is very clear: stoners love stoners.

Here are some of the best cannabis social networks that anyone can join,

– Dubai Dedicated to real pot lovers, it’s one of the most widely used applications that anyone can download for IOS or Android.

– It’s a mix of all the social sites in one place where stoners share their smoking videos and photos.

– It’s also an alternative to a dating app where stoners can meet and hang out together.

Grassicity Forum

– It is one of the oldest social networks on cannabis.

– This forum contains all the procedures on how to grow a cannabis plant and how to roll a CBD joint.

– Also daily cannabis updates

– Stoners can also access his local dispensary.

 420 Singles

– This is a dating platform for singles who want to date a stoner, similar to tinder.

– It is localized according to the region

– The application’s templates are similar to those of Tinder, where the user can drag to the left or to the right according to his preferences.

– The best way to find a smoking partner in your area

Top There

– It is similar to 420 Singles where you can find other partners for smoking

– It is also available on the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

Weed circles

– This community is not only for smokers and drug addicts but also for people who want to develop their online business.

– Different hawkers and salesmen meet here to promote their product and sell it to different customers around the world.

– The cannabis industry and its owners are also known as “Canaprenuers”.


In the current generation, marijuana users have doubled due to many factors around them. We can expect much more in the future, but this does not prevent the lives of many people from being impeded, especially in India where cannabis users are increasing every year.

Famous cities like Goa, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, and Kolkata, etc. have become a center of marijuana consumption where children as young as 13 years old smoke their first joint. In the U.S., this is the same case where many marijuana smokers start smoking at the age of 11, etc. Marijuana is also seen as a gateway to all other street drugs, which increases the chances of using other drugs as well.

New York City is the most pot-intensive city, with nearly 77.44% of the use of marijuana in New York City.