Here are 5 Ways To Attract Customers Online for Small Businesses

Here are 5 Ways To Attract Customers Online for Small Businesses

I’ve seen a lot of people so far, but when I start a business, most people have a hard time attracting customers. What should be a business in the first place? The most common impression is that you get stuck in choosing the material, but after you stand up, the impression is that attracting customers becomes a wall.

People who haven’t started yet don’t come to the point, but it seems no exaggeration to say that they will hit each other. At first, things often get worse and worse at best.

However, it is often the case that you do not know exactly how to attract customers. What kind of method should I choose in the first place? If you don’t understand, you can’t move.

So, although it depends on what kind of business you are doing and what you sell, what kind of customer attraction method is available on the premise of using the Internet in a small business where individuals start small or a small business with a few staff members View.

Roughly speaking, I think there are five ways to attract customers from the Internet.

  1. Advertising (including affiliates)
  2. Search (SEO)
  3. platform
  4. JV (Joint Venture)
  5. Social media

Below, a little more detail about each.

Advertising (Including Affiliates)

I think that the most prominent advertisements on the Internet are banners posted on news sites and personal blogs, and advertisements that are displayed when searching on Google or Yahoo !. Or you can often see it on SNS, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Others are displayed in free apps on smartphones and tablets.

As a feature, I think that it is the quickest way to get access, although it costs money. It’s like buying access with the power of money.

Of course, isn’t there an advertisement? Sometimes there is no reaction, and even though I paid hundreds of thousands of yen … (in fact, I have wasted several times).

Advertising is meaningless unless there is a return of more than the amount you put out. The advantage of online advertising is that you can see the results numerically. This is a difficult strength for paper advertising.

Especially in the case of small businesses, looking at the numbers is extremely important or essential. Image advertisements like those done by large companies are useless, and it is not possible to put out a specific return by numbers. Because the funds are limited.

Classification of Online Advertising

I think there are various ways to classify online advertisements. Here, I will summarize from the viewpoint of what kind of scene the advertisement is displayed. How do you see your ads? I think it’s easy to understand if you can imagine that.

Considering the scene of using the Internet roughly, the following cases are assumed.

  • search
  • Browsing web pages by surfing the net
  • Browsing and writing on SNS
  • Use of the app
  • Email

The ads that appear when you search are the same for Google and Yahoo !, and the ads that are displayed when you are browsing the Web (although there are others, the main ones are Google and Yahoo!).

SNS is prepared for each media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you want to put it on the app, I think it’s normal to leave it to the ad distributor. In the case of Facebook, the messenger also has ads.

E-mail is usually sent out by searching for the medium that is doing the e-mail newsletter advertisement. You can look for it by looking at Magmagu, or you can look for a part-time job at Lancers or CrowdWorks.

The details will be quite long, so take another opportunity. Although you can’t tell until you try it, it can be said from experience that advertisements that come from the other side are usually ineffective (including the experience of others).

Joint Venture (JV)

A joint venture is to partner with someone. Since there are various ways of assembling, it is not a joint venture = attract customers, and it changes considerably depending on the partner to be assembled. There are times when you can’t do it even if you want to do it in the first place, but it’s one of the most powerful methods.

Since various methods can be done by negotiation, it is possible to flexibly respond by collecting access for free or by paying for achievements depending on the device. It can be said that it is a feature. It is quite powerful when combined with a large place.

The medium can be anything. If you have a lot of customer lists, choose an email, and if you have a medium that has a lot of views, you can get an advertorial or banner to notify you. Of course, it doesn’t matter if it’s LINE, or Instagram, or YouTube.

The difference in contracts varies greatly depending on the medium and the person. There are some things that can’t be talked about, and there are cases where the contracts are different as usual, about twice as much as usual.

Advertising costs are fixed in advance, and there are various types of post-payment of performance fees (essentially with affiliates). In some cases, advertising costs can be zero by introducing each other.

By the way, I sometimes get requests to place advertisements on this site, but I often ask for free because I can pay the performance fee later or try the product.

The Reason Why 7 Weeks Became A Bestseller is JV

It’s not about attracting customers, but one of the big points that the book “The 7 Habits” was sold was that it was able to work with Recruit (a story I heard directly at the lectures of the parties concerned).

People who used to do business together have succeeded in increasing sales at once by having people who have power in the industry introduce their products. There are many such people (a few million yen, but it’s big for individuals).

Search (SEO)

Of course, if you search on Google or Yahoo! and it is displayed at the top, you will get a lot of access. Of course, the number of accesses depends on the number of keyword searches.

The features are that you can attract customers without spending money if you do it yourself, and although it depends on the keyword, it seems that you can expect relatively stable access.

It depends on keywords because, for example, seasonal topics are difficult to search for only a short period of time, and seasonal stories are uneven. Even if it is stable, the keywords change, so even if it is displayed at the top now, it may gradually disappear.

There used to link SEO a long time ago, but it doesn’t work now (though that doesn’t mean that links are meaningless).

As Google insists in the guidelines, basically, if the original good content, that is, the content that the searcher is satisfied with is written, the search ranking will naturally rise.

This will also be longer in detail, so take another opportunity.


The platform here refers to Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo! Shopping, etc. Of course, there are shopping sites like Mercari, Etsy written in this handmade story, and Origami, but the first three have overwhelming ability to attract customers.

However, since this is mainly about selling goods, it cannot be used in the case of a business that sells services. So, let’s classify it into the following three.

  1. Platform for selling merchandise
  2. Platform for selling services
  3. A new platform for both

Platform for Selling Merchandise

I think Amazon, Rakuten, and Yahoo Shopping will be the main products for merchandise sales. Or Mercari, Yahoo! Auctions! There are also cases where Jimoty is used depending on the platform that was born as CtoC and some vendors.

As a feature, although it depends on the platform, Amazon has an overwhelming ability to attract customers, so you can sell it without permission just by leaving it. However, fees and other costs are much higher than selling by preparing a payment mechanism yourself.

Regardless of whether resale is good or bad, resellers use sites such as Amafee. I know how much it will cost, so I think it’s interesting to try it. How much does it cost to buy what is sold on Amazon? It may be interesting in the sense that you can understand that.

I think that Amazon and Rakuten are the basics, and Yahoo Shopping is enough, but there are other things that are good depending on the business you handle. For example, there are cases where BtoB tools are specialized, such as Monotaro, so it may change depending on the product you handle.

Platform For Selling Services

Also, for food and drink, there are blogs, Retty, Gurunavi, etc., and for beauty-related, hot paper beauty, etc., there is something in each field.

Alternatively, a sharing economy-related platform can be utilized. For example, personal trainers, design, consulting, etc. can use sharing economy services called skill sharing (for example, Pook and time bank), or crowdsourcing where freelancers gather.

A New Platform for Both

Crowdfunding can be done either way. There are cases where it seems that crowdfunding is used as an online shop, so it may be good to try it every time a new product is released.

Social Media

Cases that are spread on Facebook, Twitter, Hatena Bookmarks, NewsPicks, etc. When spread, Gunosy, SmartNews, LINE News, etc. may be taken up and become more talked about. It also includes cases where individuals write on blogs or simply introduce them on LINE or Facebook because they are good.

It seems that the feature is that it expands at once for free (although the scale of expansion is on a case-by-case basis). On the contrary, the minus will spread, so be careful about that point. There is no continuity because the access comes in a blink of an eye and ends immediately. From experience, it seems that there are some things that can be advantageous in terms of SEO by being talked about sensuously.

If you expect social access, prepare the same good content as SEO. The elements that you want to share and the elements that you are satisfied with when you search for them may be worn, but the basics are different.

You’ll know when you remember when you wanted to share. There should be various elements such as “This is strange!”, “Interesting!”, And “I was impressed!”.

Also, since the main text sentences, the result will change even if you write the title alone. In fact, in this book called SMART CUTS (people who succeed in a short time, people who do not grow even if they do it steadily), the story of a person who tested the title many times and repeated verification and caused a buzz is a number. It is written with a note.


I think it would be good if all of them could be dealt with, but small businesses such as those that are done individually have limited resources, so it is better to choose what you are good at or according to your own characteristics and business characteristics.

Also, the means of attracting customers change in various ways, so what is the best season? I want to be aware of what kind of trends there are. When I started my business, I never advertised on social media.

The only ads were Google AdWords (now Google Ads), Yahoo! Promotional Ads (which was overture at the time), e-mail newsletters, and affiliates, but now Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are on the rise. A lot of functions have been added, and it has become more sophisticated than it was at that time.

However, attracting customers is only possible if there is a foundation for selling (excluding test sales). No matter how many people gather, it is meaningless if it doesn’t sell, so it is necessary to acquire the ability to sell, but even if you have the ability to sell, you cannot sell products that are not attractive in the first place. Therefore, always keep in mind that product design, sales, and attracting customers are closely related.