Hazards of a Damaged Foundation

Hazards of a Damaged Foundation

Most homes eventually have foundation problems. The natural movement of soil causes the foundation of your home to move. You can often prevent severe damage by taking notice of minor changes to your home. Plan for foundation repair when you notice small cracks or sticking doors. Foundation problems can lead to many hazards in your home or yard. You may have water damage, structural problems, and diminished home value. Severe leveling issues may result in injuries of the residents, as well. Look out for the early signs of foundation problems and plan for prompt repairs. 

Water Damage

When the foundation moves, water may begin to collect near your home. You may notice standing water in your yard. Standing water can become a problem if it enters your home. Homeowners with basements must take extra caution when water collects on the property. The slope of your yard should help water move away from your home. Foundation problems can damage this slope, causing water to move towards your home. Water damage may include stains, mold, and higher humidity in the home. 

Structural Damage

You may begin to notice small areas of damage inside your home or garage. These can include cracks in the walls or floors. Wooden beams can rot due to moisture exposure, as well. Doors and windows may stick when you try to open and close them. If you notice small cracks or unlevel flooring, call for an inspection immediately. You may prevent severe damage by getting an early foundation repair and concrete leveling. 


As foundation problems persist, dangerous conditions can arise. Flooring in the home may become unlevel, causing residents to trip and fall. Ceramic tile flooring can break, exposing sharp edges. Cement sidewalks and driveways can buckle, making them uneven, as well. You may have sunken or raised areas. Young children or elderly family members may trip or fall in these areas, as well. Severe injuries can happen when subfloors collapse due to water damage. Rotten wooden beams can also fall. Electrical issues in a crawl space can cause fires or react with standing water. 

Plumbing Issues

The pipes under your home and in your walls can become damaged when the foundation moves. Take notice of the signs of plumbing issues. A small crack in a pipe may cause low water pressure in the home. You may also notice water stains or mold growth. 

Diminished Value

As a homeowner, you may work hard to maintain the appraisal value of your home. Foundation issues can quickly lower this price. Homes with prior water damage often do not recover the optimal selling price. Pay attention to small changes in your home so you can catch foundation problems before they get worse. 

Foundation problems can cause hazardous conditions in your home. When the foundation shifts, both the yard and the house can change. You may notice standing water if the slope of your yard changes. Water damage can cause dangerous structural damage, as well as health issues. Mold can cause health problems for many people. Unlevel flooring or cement can lead to an injury, as well. Take the time to have minor foundation problems remedied before they become excessive.