Gifts for Guitar Players to Help Them Improve

Gifts for Guitar Players to Help Them Improve

Is there anything worse than trying to shop for someone else? There’s immense pressure around finding the perfect gift, especially if they’re the person who has everything.

However, if you’re shopping for a guitar player, there are presents to help them improve their craft. Often, hobbyists will avoid buying themselves anything other than the bare necessities. Luckily, there are plenty of gifts for the guitar player in your life.

If you’re not sure how to find the best gift for a guitarist, keep reading for some of the best presents to help them play more and play better!


When a guitar player strums their strings, they can tell when the pitch is off. To fix the pitch, guitarists will tune the strings on their instruments. However, this can be incredibly difficult to do without a tuner.

Unless they’re someone who can tune by ear, a tuner is a must-have for the new guitar player in your life.

These tuners are electronic, measuring the strings’ vibration to read the notes. One of the most common tuners is a clip-on, which directly translates the movement of the strings from the neck of your guitar.

By using a tuner, guitarists can easily tune the corresponding string by twisting the pegs on the head of the instrument. This helps players sound better, as they’ll be strumming in the correct pitch!

Custom Picks

When playing, many guitarists will use picks to strum the guitar strings. Because these strings are a taught metal, they can be painful to strum, leaving your fingers tender and calloused.

However, you can gift your guitarist custom picks! Picks are small, plastic pieces that many players use to strum.

Picks can help players sound and play better! They allow for an increase in playing speed, better sound clarity, and loudness, and the different shapes and sizes can produce different sounds depending on your needs.

One of the best gifts you can give a player is custom picks. Whether you find out what shape and thickness they prefer, or get them printed with custom images, your guitarist will love this gift.

Carry Case

Guitar players can’t play with a broken or damaged guitar!

Presenting them with a guitar case is a great way to help them improve their sound. These cases make carrying their instrument easier while also preventing damage.

It’s essential to ensure that the guitar fits into the case. Too much space can lead to the guitar moving around and subsequent damage. Knowing the measurements of the instrument can help, as there are different sizes.

You can check out for case recommendations.

Guitar Stool

When practicing, it can be difficult for players to stand for the entire duration of their session. However, sitting in the wrong positions can make playing difficult!

Also, playing in an uncomfortable position can lead to back and neck pain. Prolonged slouching while sitting in the wrong chair can lead to chronic discomfort.

One of the best gifts for new guitar players is a stool! These stools promote proper posture while allowing players to rest their feet during gigs or practice sessions.

Some stools even come with a guitar holder. This feature allows guitarists to place their instrument in the holder without leaning their guitar against the stool where it can fall and sustain damage.

Custom Strap

Much like a great stool, having a guitar strap can help keep the guitarist’s back pain-free.

Aside from the ergonomic benefits, a good guitar strap can give a player increased control over the instrument. Whether sitting or standing, a guitarist will love adding a new strap to their collection.

If you want to buy a strap for your guitar player friend, choosing the right size, length, and material is crucial. Bigger guitars will require longer and wider straps to accommodate the extra weight of the instrument.

When it comes to the material, you’ll want to make sure you pick a comfortable option. If the strap is scratchy and harsh, it can sit uncomfortably on the player’s neck, causing pain and tenderness.

Other materials can be heavy, which can lead to sweat. This sweat can then cause the strap to shift, and you may lose control of your instrument.

Guitar Cleaning Kit

Finally, one of the best gifts you can give someone who plays guitar is a cleaning kit!

Often, cleaning can be the last thing that people think about when it comes to their hobby. However, dirt, sweat, and oil can cause a guitar to deteriorate.

Similarly, gunk can build up on and under strings, causing limited range when played. Removing this is crucial to playing guitar better, as well as ensuring the longevity of the instrument.

Though it’s crucial to clean a guitar, using the wrong products can do more harm than good. Instead, investing in a guitar cleaning kit ensures that your friend or family member will use safe products to help their guitar look good as new.

The Best Gifts for the Guitar Player in Your Life

Buying accessories for guitar players is a great way to show someone that you take an interest in, listen to, and support their hobbies!

Remember, you’ll want to get as much information about their instrument as possible. This ensures that you’ll find the best fit for the different equipment you can purchase.

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