Home Business Drink Up: The Benefits of Installing a Well Water System for Your Home

Drink Up: The Benefits of Installing a Well Water System for Your Home

Drink Up: The Benefits of Installing a Well Water System for Your Home

The average water bill for a US household with four people is $70.93. That is $851 per year and $4255 every five years! How would you like to kiss goodbye to water bills and save all of that money?

You can. Enjoying free water is just one of the many benefits of a well water system. Interested in knowing how else the system can benefit your life? Keep reading and find out.

Say Goodbye to Paying for Water

One of the most attractive benefits of well water is that it’s free! You can kiss your water bill and subsequent water worries goodbye. Of course, you’ll have to foot the initial cost of installation, but once that is paid, it’s the last water bill you’ll have to shell out for.

Take a moment to add up the monthly water bill from your household and give yourself an idea of how much you’ll save in just one year! Of course, you’ll have to pay for maintenance costs but if you look after your system properly, the costs will be minimal.

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Well Water is Good for Your Health

Water is the liquid of life, and it’s vital for your body to function at its peak. However, municipal water has for a long time been challenged due to the presence of controversial chemicals. Your tap water undergoes a lot of treatment in order to be ‘safe’ for consumption. This includes additives of fluoride and chlorine, as well as heavy filters.

With well water, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals that may be unsafe for you and your family. You’ll be completely in control over the water you’re consuming.

The Water Tastes Better

As mentioned above, municipal water goes through a lot. Unfortunately, the treatments and added chemicals can leave a sour taste in one’s mouth — literally and figuratively. The flavor quality of water takes a knock when subjected to chemical treatments.

It’s widely accepted and agreed that well water tastes better. This is due to the natural filtration through sand and stone. You can enjoy refreshing, lovely tasting water from your taps.

A Water Well Increases Property Value

A water well is not only good for your wallet and your body — it’s good for your property, too! If you’re concerned about the installation costs, fear not. A well water system increases property value as it is an attractive feature to prospective home buyers.

This means that you’ll make a return on your initial investment as well as enjoy all of the lifestyle and health benefits that the system provides.

A Well Water System is a No Brainer

Can you think of any reason not to install a well water system? You’ll save plenty of money, enjoy tastier and healthier water, and even make some money back when you decide to sell your house. It’s a no-brainer!

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