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Do’s and Don’ts of Opening Your Hotel

Do’s and Don’ts of Opening Your Hotel

Managing a commercial kitchen can be complicated. The lockdown came with new challenges, forcing businesses to rethink their strategy. This article explores some do’s and don’ts to consider when opening your hotel.

Don’t Settle for Any Commercial Equipment for Restaurants

Before starting your restaurant, you will have to acquire quality appliances to ensure quality services for the patrons. Whether a full-service or quick-service business, you will need slicers, ovens, mixers, and serving ware.

When shopping for equipment for commercial kitchen, consider durability and quality. According to LightSpeed, choosing something that can withstand the test of time can make the difference between success and failure. So check the brand’s warranties and read customer reviews before purchasing appliances.

Don’t buy Equipment Before Deciding on the Layout

You may want to map the layout of your kitchen before purchasing appliances. If you have a diverse menu and lots of staff, you will need ample space for equipment. On the other hand, an open kitchen layout is suitable for high-end restaurants with a handful of patrons.

Before purchasing equipment, choose the layout that is ideal for your restaurant. Use it to determine how new appliances fit. For example, the kitchen’s floor plan can prevent mistakes in sizing that could frustrate you in the future.

Don’t Ignore Social Distancing Rules

As businesses reopen after the lockdown, there is a tendency to be lax about social distancing rules. But adhering to social distancing measures boosts the customer’s trust.

According to studies, consumers perceive less risk from a restaurant with social distancing measures. Rules have had a mediating effect between the restaurant’s perceived trust and the customer’s purchase intentions.

However, you may need more than just QR codes to implement effective post-lockdown measures. For example, offer a digital check-in with multiple payment modes. Also, consider using digital signage instead of posters and deploy a paperless system across the organization. 

Do Ensure Optimum Ventilation in Your Kitchen

Proper ventilation is a crucial part of every commercial kitchen. However, a poor ventilation design can make your restaurant uncomfortable for staff and patrons.

The ventilation installation process considers the size of your commercial kitchen and the efficiency of the control systems. Layout planning will determine the airflow rate and fan placement for optimal comfort.

Keep in mind temperature control systems can be noisy. A small restaurant will need a system that runs quietly. “Sones” is a measure of a fan’s loudness. Most experts recommend Seven to 21 sones for commercial establishments.

Do Conduct Market Research and Run the Numbers

You already have a winning concept for a restaurant hotel business. Market research will be crucial for determining vacancy rates, operating costs, and pricing.

Market research will inform decision-making to maximize profitability. For example, do you want to lease or buy equipment for your commercial restaurant? Running the numbers will provide a clear picture of the best steps you can take to improve your chances of success.

It is always wise to research your options before committing to installations or purchases. For example, you can consult LightSpeed for quality equipment for your commercial kitchen