Different Types of Dinnerware Material: Explained

Different Types of Dinnerware Material

Dinnerware sets are a common thing in most households for serving food. A good product set will not just make better aesthetics on the table but will also enhance the dining experience. Buying a Dinner set depends on what purpose one wants to serve with it. While some work well for fancy get-together dinner parties, others are preferable for backyard BBQs or formal meetings.

While crockery sets for formal occasions have crisp colors accompanied by rather elegant designs, the casual ones vary. They are more on the bolder side with funky colors and prints.

Any typical dinnerware set will include a cup, bowl, salad plate, dinner plate, and so on. Buying a 16-piece set will be decently enough for up to four people. Some formal sets have added items like saucers, dessert plates, etc.

Apart from these, the product’s material is what’s left to choose from. And this article is a guide for that.


It is one of the most common materials used for crockery sets. It is also quite affordable than some other options, even while reasonably durable. Porcelain sets have a heavier construction. They are break-resistant enough to be used in dishwashers and inside microwaves for high temperatures.

If you are looking for a semi-formal option, these are great. However, if you are looking for lightweight sets, these are not that good.

Bone China

For decent dinnerware that won’t break easily and looks aesthetic, go for bone china products. These look thin and delicate but are, ironically, some of the most durable ones. The semi-translucent white appearance ensures that the set blends well in any dining room.

Regarding cleaning, these are safe for dishwashers. However, washing by hand will ensure the products last longer.


Buyers looking for casual, chip-resistant crockery can consider stoneware. Stoneware products are slightly heavier than porcelain and bone china dinnerware. But that doesn’t count when it comes to its durability. When buying stoneware, be very careful when washing it or heating it.

The best option is washing them by hand rather than putting them inside the dishwasher daily. Also, if you need to heat food items at higher temperatures, consider changing the bowl from stoneware to some other, more durable material before keeping it inside the oven.


Look no more if you have a tight budget but need a decent tableware set for dinner. Earthenware is an affordable type of ceramic product. The construction is more porous than other products. The final product is sealed and strengthened with waterproof glaze before they are sold.

These are not that sturdy or good for formal occasions. For casual get-togethers or family reunions, they can be considered.


Melamine products might resemble the looks of ceramic tableware sets. However, they are way more durable as they are made with highly durable and robust resin. Therefore, if you want a lightweight crockery set that is impervious to breaking easily, this is it. Moreover, these are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, making them versatile for most occasions.

Final Words

Buying a Dinner set is more like choosing an outfit for formal and casual occasions. What you put on the table reflects a lot about your personality while complementing the decor and ambiance of the room. Remember to buy from trusted sellers to have the most authentic quality.