Diamond Wedding Bands of Celebrities

Diamond Wedding Bands of Celebrities

Diamonds are a woman’s best friend. This is the reason why diamonds simply thrive in every woman’s outfit, belongings, or at primary events. One of these classic events involves ball gowns, a bouquet of flowers, and an intimate audience – a wedding.

Diamonds in weddings signify a thousand reasons; whether it is for elegance, an heirloom, or a personality, it will always cling onto one description: luxurious. Take a look at the fanciest diamond wedding bands of celebrities:

  1. Straight Diamond Band of Hannah Davis

Classic by its mere definition will always be timeless. This is why when it comes to diamond wedding bands, a straight diamond piece is often a no brainer. Model Hannah Davis’ wedding band features prong-set diamonds aligned all over the comfort fit ring.

These types of wedding bands are commonly seen in anniversary rings and are known to be called Eternity Wedding Rings.

  1. Diamond Ring Guards of Ciara

When two wedding rings become one, it becomes a ring wrap or set. This stunning double wedding band is perfect for a diva bride. American singer Ciara had her wedding ring with two wedding bands encircled with diamonds in the wrap frame. This creates a magnificent touch on the central diamond, giving it an extra sparkle.

This is definitely the one for those brides who want to make a statement with class.

  1. Stackable Diamond Band of Eva Longoria

Desperate Housewives Eva Longoria’s choice of style will never go unnoticed. The actress’ stackable diamond band with a common prong diamond set screams nothing but simple and elegant. This wedding band is achievable to almost every aspiring bride out there which makes it even more admirable.

This can also be sentimental due to its stackable feature. It can be a custom gift where you can simply stack another band to reminisce milestones after the wedding.

  1. Classic Round Bezel Diamond Band of Shawn Johnson

Over the years, wedding bands are continuously evolving. In this present era, brides (and even grooms) consider customized wedding bands as well. 2008 Olympic Gold Medalist Gymnast Shaw Johnson chose her wedding band to signify her personality. A lively yet classic round, bezel inspired diamond band with white gold was the one used for her ring – a not too over-the-top style that is still unique.

  1. Petite Common Prong Wedding Band of Anna Camp

It is as if Pitch Perfect actress Anna Camp really did take a pitch perfectly from her career down to her husband and of course, her wedding ring. The Pitch Perfect couple complimented each other’s wedding bands because of their matching features. The actress’ petite diamond wedding band with a common prong showed how delicate it is together with a cushion-cut central diamond. The muted wedding band helped the center diamond to be beautifully recognized given its size and shape.

  1. Rose Gold Diamond Band of Blake Lively

It is no secret that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are a power couple. The gorgeous Lively flaunts her rose gold diamond band simply for its look and color. The wedding band is aligned with a rose gold diamond with a massive oval-cut at the center. The slender silhouette of the ring and band made it look simply elegant on the actress’ ring finger.

  1. Curved Wedding Band of Carrie Underwood

The all-star singer Carrie Underwood opted for a curved, yellow-gold diamond band creating a seamless and Persian concept. This type of wedding band is a mix of both unique and edgy due to its curves.

This set of diamonds truly defines that women have good taste in diamond jewelry. It merely proves that every diamond ring, whether it is the center diamond or the band, shows the character of a woman who will unapologetically flaunt it – especially on her wedding day.