Children are beginning to use the internet earlier and earlier. Whether on a computer, mobile phone or tablet, connection to the network is present in the lives of the youngest. This connected generation raises some concerns for parents: “Are my children not wasting time?” “How beneficial is the use of the internet?” “Will it not hinder school?”. These are key issues that terrify parents’ thinking and often cause them to prohibit and limit access to technology. However, it is a fact that our current reality is completely linked to this technology. It is necessary, then, to learn to deal with it and use it for useful purposes for the development and creation of knowledge by the child. Young people can leave the role of liabilities and become active.

Video games, cell phones, computers are a lot of fun, aren’t they? Interactive and curious, the games attract attention and invite children to spend a good time with them. There are many educational options for children, and the act of playing should be encouraged (with caution and following parental regulations).

To combat this situation, one solution available to parents is the use of advanced app blocker such as FamilyTime. With the app in hand, parents can:

  • View the list of installed apps on their child’s smartphone.
  • See all the details of the installed apps such as the date of installation, the category the app falls in and the version of the app installed.
  • Evaluate the app usage frequency. Parents can detect the amount of time their child spends on a particular app.
  • Block any app by simply putting it on the blacklist. Parents can restrict their children from questionable and addicting gaming apps to keep their children safe.
  • View the Web browsing history with the details of URL and the date and time of visiting the web page
  • Check the list of Bookmarks and Favorites saved in their browser.
  • View the list of most visited sites
  • schedule auto screen locks for specific time intervals such as dinner time, homework time and sleep hours etc.
  • Have control over your child’s device. With this app, you can remotely put a lock on their phone in order to banish the screen time instantly.

Aren’t these features great to save kids from the potential threats of online games? These certainly are. There are bundles of other features of FamilyTime that help parents deal with their parenting concerns. So, don’t waste your time any more and try the app yourself. To get the app, go now to iTunes or Google Play depending upon your phone’s operating system and download FamilyTIme app for free three days trial. Go there or simply click the buttons below:


The use of app blocker is important so that you can take control of what kids can do on the internet as they with their little knowledge and adventurous nature can always get trapped in the vicious cycle of gaming. Save them before they get addicted to games. Happy parenting!