Check Out the 5 Best Vacation Getaways in 2021

Check Out the 5 Best Vacation Getaways in 2021

Have you been counting down the days when travel opens back up and feels safe again? Holidays were essentially put on hold for over a year, so as flights and other forms of travel normalize, there’s a lot to catch up on.

When you’re looking for vacation getaways, you want the perfect spot to enjoy and allow you to escape the stresses of this past year. This list has a little something for everyone.

1. The Caribbean 

When you’re going to the beach for a getaway, it doesn’t get much better than the Caribbean. The place where all those vacation posters are made after is the perfect location for the trip you’ve been waiting for.

Enjoy sitting by the beach and pool, soaking up the sun on your trip. This is the perfect beach getaway to help heal some of the past year’s events and get you feeling more rejuvenated and alive.

2. New Mexico

If you’re looking for a trip a little closer to home, New Mexico has tones of sites, hikes, and activities to enjoy without the need for a passport. It’s a great destination to go that isn’t as far but with a landscape that feels worlds away. Take in the history and culture of the land and native tribes, and learn more about the unique cultures within the US.

Along with this beautiful state, you can add some cities to your list, like Denver and almost anywhere along the California coast. Why not turn going on vacation into a road trip you’ll never forget.

3. Australia

If you’re looking for great beaches and people, Australia is just a plane (or two or three) away! There are tons of great holiday parks to enjoy and find loads of activities to fill your trip. You can stop by the coast and see the natural flora and fauna, and then visit the Sydney Opera House while you’re at it.

4. Scotland

If you’re not looking for beaches while on summer vacation, a trip to Scottland is a perfect choice to enjoy a change of scenery and accent. You’ll be amazed by the beauty of the countryside as well the architecture in the cities. It might not seem like the top destination trip, but if you research a little more, it can turn into a place you’ll want to return to year over year.

5. Thailand

Thailand has so much to offer with its beautiful landscape, cities, and incredible food on the street and in restaurants. You’ll want to extend your stay as you travel around and meet new people and new favorite foods. This is a great trip to start you off on a backpacking adventure when so many other beautiful countries of Southeast Asia are right next door.

Perfect Vacation Getaways

When you search for vacation getaways, think of what you would want to do for your ideal vacation first, then pick the location. There are so many marvelous places to travel it can be hard to pick one, but you can always plan a trip to multiple places or simply plan for the future.

Wherever you end up, make sure you take a moment to enjoy the journey. And if you found this helpful in planning your trip, keep reading for more good travel tips.