A Complete Guide to Choosing and Using CBD Oil for Cats

A Complete Guide to Choosing and Using CBD Oil for Cats

CBD oil is an emerging alternative adopted by pet parents to improve their pet’s quality of life. But, can cats have CBD oil without any problems? The simple answer would be yes.

There are various and different brands available in the market today offering CBD products for your feline friends. So, it would be better if you did your research, understood the quality provided to ensure your pet receives only the purest and safest form of CBD in their routine.

What is CBD Oil?

The hemp plant contains over 80 different compounds; CBD is one of them. CO2 extraction is a typical process used to extract these beneficial compounds from the plant resulting in a pure and safe oil form.

It is recommended you buy CBD products that have been extracted from organically grown hemp. This is because the hemp roots are capable of deriving nutrients deep from the soil. If any harmful pesticides are used in the cultivation process, traces of chemicals will eventually find their way into the plant.

Also, opt for full-spectrum CBD oil, which contains a mixture of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds. According to research, full-spectrum products are better as the compounds together provide the receiver with an entourage effect.

What is the Bioavailability of CBD Oil for Cats? 

Bioavailability lets you know how much of the CBD consumed will be used by your pet’s body. For example, you may give your cat 9 mg of CBD, but your cat will use only a tiny percentage of the compound.

According to a study, cats absorb less CBD than dogs. Thus, you need not worry if the dosage recommendation of your cat is on the higher end.

How Much CBD Should You Give to Cats?

First of all, how much quantity can cats have CBD oil? It depends on several factors. For example, you need to consider your cat’s weight, metabolism, activity level, and other underlying health conditions to determine the correct dosage.

You need to check the quantity of CBD available in the oil. For example, a 1 oz bottle of oil may contain 500 mg of CBD. So, if you are giving your cat 4 mg of CBD in a day, to begin with, 0.5 ml of the oil should suffice.

Also, consider the ailment or the symptom you are trying to treat. For example, a cat with cancer will need a bigger dose of CBD than a cat stressed due to fireworks.

If you have concerns about the dosage, start small. For example, you can give your cat 2–4 mg of CBD to start with and then gradually increase the quantity.

What are the Different Ways of Administering CBD to Cats?

One of the best ways to administer CBD oil to cats is to apply it to their gums directly. The oil gets directly absorbed into circulation through the mouth’s mucous membrane when applied to the gums. The product goes into their bloodstream without any detours. Thus, it is the most effective and cost-efficient way of administering CBD.

Another way you can give CBD to your cat is by adding oil to their food. However, this method is comparatively less effective as the product needs to pass through the digestive tract before being released into the bloodstream. CBD might take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to show results, depending on your cat’s metabolism.

If the above ways fail, you can try to rub the oil on your cat’s inner ear flap. However, this method will take the longest time to show results.

Instead of administering the full dose in one go, break it down into small quantities throughout the day. This will ensure that the compound will remain in the cat’s bloodstream for a longer time and be most effective.

Can Cats Have CBD Oil Safely?

There are CBD oils in the market that are 100% natural plant-based, tested by third-party labs, and veterinarian approved. According to the study results, a maximum CBD oil dosage of 30.5mg/kg was safely administered to the subjects. Adverse effects observed were mild, transient, and resolved without any medical intervention.

Your cat will not overdose on CBD. However, if you end up administering them a high dosage, your cat might feel temporarily lethargic or have diarrhea as a side effect.

As a pet parent, it is your responsibility to ensure you only buy high-quality CBD oil offered in the market. Always look for third-party lab test results, as they assure that the product is pure and safe to be consumed by your pet. Gift your cat an improved quality of life with CBD.