8 Tips to Choose an Engagement Ring That Will Melt Her Heart

8 Tips to Choose an Engagement Ring That Will Melt Her Heart

At the height of American weddings, roughly 2.5 million people were getting hitched every year. Today, that number has dropped off but still, a countless number of couples tie knots which means that someday, you may find yourself shopping for an engagement ring.

Engagement ring shopping can be daunting seeing as how you run the risk of picking something that your partner won’t appreciate.

If you’re worried that your how to choose engagement ring skills are not on point and you need them to be, we suggest you keep reading. In this post, our team shares some low-hanging tips experts frequently share with buyers that will better enable you to steer your ring search in the right direction.

1. Do Research Early

The last thing you want to do is take your fiance to a jewelry store a month before proposing and ask them which engagement rings they like. That would be a dead giveaway regarding your intentions.

Therefore, in order to get a first-hand perspective on the best wedding ring choices without tipping your hand, discuss and casually look at rings well before it’s time to pop the question.

The more low-pressure conversations you can have about rings early on, the more mental notes you can make that’ll help you find the right ring when the time comes.

2. Consider Sourcing

When you buy a ring, we always advocate asking the ethical question of where a ring’s diamond came from. Unfortunately, several mining operations abuse people and you might not want to validate that by buying from them.

If any of that is meaningful to you (or the person that will be wearing the ring) ask the right questions and pay more for sustainable sourcing.

3. Don’t Worry About Stone Perfection

Diamonds are priced based on their look. You can learn more about the various C’s that affect diamond costs here.

What we’d like to impart to you is the fact that the ring you buy doesn’t need to be perfect. Chances are, your partner won’t notice a subtle difference in clarity that could set you back an extra few thousand dollars.

Find a ring that you think looks good rather than buying based on ratings in various perfection metrics.

4. Size is a Mindset

The most common metric we hear people talk about when engagement ring shopping is size. We recommend that you don’t ask that question if you don’t think your soon-to-be fiance is particularly hung up on it.

Sure, big rings are showier but several looks odd on people’s hands, and the larger the diamond, the more liability your fiance will run wearing their ring.

Think practically about the size and don’t break the bank to achieve some vague construct that the best rings are the biggest.

5. Ditch the Trend Chasing

There’s always some hot trend on social media that tries to redefine what the perfect engagement ring should look like. Trends change though and when they do, the last thing you want is to have your fiance sporting some gaudy thing that makes no sense.

Therein lies the value of leaning on timeless pieces over timely ones. Timeless, simple rings like some of the ones at https://www.dreamlandjewelry.com/ will look great no matter the year and will age well with the wearer.

Remember, marriage should be forever. Your goal should be for your ring to look great for just as long.

6. Make Sure You Have an Out

No matter how many engagement ring tips you read, you might still goof up. If you do, you should have recourse.

Recourse in the way of buying a bad ring usually means your store has an excellent return/exchange policy. If the jeweler you’re working with does not offer those things, we recommend picking another one.

The last thing you’ll want is to be stuck with a ring worth thousands that you’ll need to replace at your expense. Also, there’s the fringe possibility your proposal will be declined.

7. Work With a Friend

Does your partner have a best friend that they may have divulged ring preferences too? If they do, you may be in luck!

A lot of the people we’ve talked to about their ring shopping experiences have mentioned to us that their searches were made worlds easier by partnering with informed friends that know how to keep a secret. We’d like to emphasize the “know how to keep a secret” part.

If you suspect at all that the informed friend you’re considering is likely to spill the beans, keep them in the dark.

8. Price Should Never Be Your Primary Driver

We shudder to think of relationships where there’s pressure to shop for a particular price point rather than a particular ring. Believe us when we say that many sub-par rings are grossly overpriced.

If you’re price-chasing, you’re going to come away with a ring that’s expensive and that doesn’t encapsulate any of your partner’s unique sensibilities. That would be a shame for something that’s supposed to be infused with meaning.

You Now Know How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Knowing how to choose an engagement ring comes down to knowing your partner, focusing on sustainably sourced products that please the eye, and having an out if things go wrong.

If you keep those simple, broad tidbits in mind, you’re going to give yourself an excellent chance of walking away with the perfect ring.

Do you need more guidance on rings or other lifestyle questions? If so, we welcome you to browse more of the newest content on our blog.