7 Tips for Planning the Ultimate New York City Vacation


Vacation season is here, and it’s yet again time to relax, unwind, explore and splurge. New York is an excellent place to vacation, considering all the places you can visit like Central Park, the Empire State building, The High Line, to name a few.

However, planning a New York City vacation is easier said than done because of the city’s sheer scale. With so many places to go and so much to do, planning your New York Vacation can get a little hectic. If you’re having trouble planning your New York vacation, fear not; we’re here to help.

Today, we’ll be highlighting a couple of amazing tips for planning your vacation in New York City.

  1. Have a Realistic Time Frame and Plan Ahead

As mentioned earlier, New York City is a massive place, and you might not have time to visit all the city attractions. However, if you set a realistic time frame and keep a schedule, you’ll be better placed to see all you wanted to.

We understand it might seem somewhat counterintuitive to budget your time when vacationing. This should be a time to relax and take in all the wonderful sights New York City has to offer, right? While that much is true, if you want to cram as much activity as possible during your trip, you’ll have to make that compromise.

  1. Prioritize Attractions You Want to Visit

In line with the first tip, it’s a good idea to prioritize what attractions you want to see. That way, should you not have enough time to see all attractions, at least you’ll have seen the ones you prioritize most. Make sure the most famous NYC attractions get the highest priority because if you don’t see the Statue of Liberty, what was the point of vacationing in NYC?

  1. Always Have a Plan B

Things may not always go as planned during your trip to NYC, and it might happen more times than you expect. That’s why it’s always important to have a plan B if your initial plan goes out the window.

One good example is planning to visit the Top of the Rock in time for the sunset, but it was too late. Instead of proceeding with the initial plan, you can visit the Empire State Building at night, making for a far better experience.

  1. Sometimes Walking Is Better

You don’t have to visit New Your City to know that it’s a beehive of activity with large crowds and endless streams of traffic. On the surface, driving around the Big Apple seems like plenty of fun, but it really isn’t, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Believe it or not, walking is much better than hailing a cab or public transport. Walking is much healthier, allows you to see more of the city and is much faster than you think. Considering all the traffic jams in NYC, sometimes you’re better off walking or cycling to your destination.

You can use apps like CityMapper that help you find various routes to your destination so you can pick the shortest or most exciting one. For longer routes, we suggest using Uber or any other cab-hailing service. Driving around the city should be a last resort.

  1. Get an Explorer’s or City Pass

If you’re looking to save some cash on your NYC vacation, ensure you get a City Pass. There are several places to visit in New York City, and you’ll have to pay for most of them. You’ll have to pay on average $35 per person to visit any attraction, but you can pay a lot less with a City or Explorer Pass.

The best part about Explorer Passes is that you can purchase an Explorer Pass for 5,7, up to 35 attractions. This not only saves you money but also allows you a great deal of flexibility and allows room for your plan Bs- check tip no. 3. The City Pass allows you access to six attractions across the city and knocks around 40% of the original cost of visiting the attractions in question.

As mentioned earlier, there are plenty of free things you can do in New Your City. So if you’re really strapped for cash, why not give them a whirl.

  1. Stay in a Pet-Friendly Hotel (If You’re Travelling With Pets)

This comes as no surprise that not a lot of hotels in NYC are that receptive to pets. If you’re vacationing with your cat or dog, you best do your digging and find a pet-friendly hotel for you and your furry/feathery friends. You can check out jetnroom recommendations if wondering where to stay in New York City.

  1. Dine Like the King/Queen of New York

Regardless of how much fun you’re having touring New York City, don’t forget about your tummy. New York City has many restaurants, diners, and cafes that you can plop into and eat to your fill.

Visit General Tso’s Chicken and figure out what all the fuss about their chicken is. If you have chicken for lunch, cap the day off with some New York-style pizza and wash it down with a cool drink.

If you want a fancy dinner, you’ll have to make reservations a month or a few weeks in advance. That’s right, restaurants in NYC have limited tables, and if you don’t make early reservations, you’ll have to wait or miss a table entirely.

A Well-Planned New York City Vacation Will Be Unforgettable

You don’t have to pull your hair out planning your New York City vacation. The above tips are all you need to make your trip to New York City a breeze and to have an unforgettable vacation experience in the Big Apple.

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