7 Must-Know Air Conditioning Tips for the Summer

7 Must-Know Air Conditioning Tips for the Summer

Summer is quickly arriving and with it comes some pretty intense heat. Although the summer is a nice break away from the colder months, it doesn’t come without its own challenges. As you prepare for the hot months ahead, you’ll need to know a few air conditioning tips to ensure your air conditioning is working properly.

The last thing you want to happen is to come home or walk into any type of property you own and learn the air conditioning isn’t cooling as it should. This isn’t too uncommon in the summer, unfortunately, especially for those living in areas where the summers offer extreme weather conditions.

In the guide below, you’ll find several air conditioning tips for the summer. Continue reading to learn more and keep you and everyone else nice and cool.

1. Schedule Regular Tune-Ups

Scheduling regular tune-ups will not only prepare your air conditioning unit for the summer, but it’ll prepare it for the winter as well. Tune-ups can also help keep your air conditioning unit in good working condition all year long. A professional air conditioning service can detect any issues with the unit before they turn into larger and more expensive ones.

If there are any problems found during the tune-up, the professionals will repair the unit and have it ready to go before the heat of summer hits. It’s much better to find an imperfection with the system during a tune-up than to be surprised by one unexpectedly. These regular tune-ups can also help extend the life of the unit and save you money down the road.

2. Clean the Unit’s Surroundings

Another great idea is to clean around the unit. This is true for both the inside and outside units. Any debris and other obstructions may prevent the unit from running smoothly.

Start with the inside unit. Clear out the AC closet. Remove brooms, mops, vacuums, and any other items from inside the closet.

These items can obstruct the airflow to the unit and cause it to work harder than necessary. Then, head outside and clean around the unit there as well. Remove any twigs, leaves, dirt and mud piles, and anything else that might be blocking the unit.

When both units are clear of debris, they can run properly and efficiently.

3. Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Another option you have is to invest in a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat can detect when no one is in the home or property and can raise the temperature if needed to help give the system a break while you’re not there. It’s also a good idea to set your thermostat high when you leave and then adjust it for when you come back.

Most smart thermostats can be placed on a schedule to adjust the temperature as you request. You may even be able to control it from a smartphone, which is beneficial if you forget to raise the temperature before leaving.

The recommended thermostat settings in summer are 78 degrees.

4. Keep the Heat Out of the House

An air conditioning unit works harder when the property it’s trying to cool is extremely hot. If you’re looking for air conditioning tips to save energy during the summer, then consider doing anything you can to keep the heat out of the house. Use blackout curtains, which help keep the sun from entering through the windows.

Be sure to keep the curtains closed when not home or when not interested in letting any light in. It’s also a great idea to plant trees and large shrubs by your windows. These will provide shade for the house and help it stay cool during the summer.

All doors and windows should also stay shut when not in use to prevent cold air from escaping and hot air from entering.

5. Change Your AC’s Filter

Don’t forget to change your AC’s filter as well. The filter should be changed at least every three months. How often you should change your filter depends on several factors.

For example, if you change the filter at three months and notice it’s filled with lint and dust, then you might want to start changing it sooner. Another reason why you might need to change it out sooner is if you have pets in the home. Pet hair can easily clog a filter.

You can use Carrier furnace filters for your furnace in the winter and Carrier air filters in the summer to keep your unit running properly throughout the year.

6. Reseal Doors and Windows

Doors and windows sometimes have seals that break or crack. Any small cracks in the seals around the doors and windows can let unwanted hot air in while releasing cold air. Take the time to inspect the entire property.

Reseal all doors and windows to ensure there are no cracks or unwanted openings. You can also install new insulation and invest in energy-saving windows as well.

7. Call The Professionals for Repairs

Like any other piece of equipment, over time, your air conditioning unit might have an issue or two. This is common, especially for units that are older. For this reason, it’s best to have a professional AC repair service ready to contact.

When you do stumble upon air conditioning trouble, contact the professionals to solve the problem correctly.

Use These Air Conditioning Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

When looking for ways to stay cool during the summer, don’t hesitate to use the helpful air conditioning tips listed above. These tips will keep your air conditioning running smoothly and will help keep your home or other property nice and cold.

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