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5 Reasons to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

5 Reasons to Start a Career in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a form of marketing where the internet or electronic devices are required to target the audience through a range of media, including search engines, social media, other websites, and email. Up until the 1990s, this type of marketing had not been possible, and therefore, traditional marketing, such as using billboards and other forms of printed media was all that companies could use to communicate their message. Now, however, with a growing number of people getting introduced to the internet each day, digital marketing is the quickest and easiest way to reach audiences on a mass scale. Here, are the top 5reasons why you should start your career in digital marketing now.

The World of Digital Marketing Will Continue to Grow

This year more than ever, people have been glued to their screens, focusing on using online tools for business, virtual interaction, and home learning. The pandemic has been a major catalyst for this, but once people become better able to understand the digital world, they are more likely to continue using it and learning about the many more features that can be used to benefit their lives. This never-ending audience means that digital marketing is more important than ever and will continue to be in the future. If digital marketing is expected to grow then, expertise in digital marketing will too, since companies will need help in transforming their traditional marketing channels to fall in line with a shift in consumer behavior.

There are many roles that fall under the digital marketing career path and many new titles are predicted to be created in the future. This allows you to specialise in a specific area of digital marketing and become more competitive when looking for a job. You could decide between social media coordinator, content marketing manager, PPC manager, SEO specialist, and many more.

Roles in Digital Marketing Are in High Demand

In the UK, there is a digital skills gap, where there are too many jobs available in the digital and technology sector, with not enough people knowledgeable enough to fill them. This is a good sign if you wanted to ensure that your career is future-proof and worth the investment in studying for since there will be a position waiting for you once you are qualified. If you are already equipped with a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business management, then now is the best time ever to excel your knowledge further and apply for a master’s in digital marketing. At Aston University, the mscdigital marketing course is designed to provide you with a unique skill set, such as critical thinking and analytical expertise to ensure you have a successful and long career in the industry.

Get Paid Well

The perks of training in an industry where demand is higher than supply are that you will be treated as a commodity and will be able to negotiate yourself a better salary. This has been seen to be the case across all industries and companies will compete for the best talent in the digital marketing industry, sometimes offering you not only a higher salary but also more work perks and benefits.

Salaries in various digital marketing roles will depend on where you are based in the UK, with management and executive roles in and around London fetching the highest salaries and internships offering the lowest pay. Nevertheless, starting now in the industry as an intern will allow you to understand if the career is really for you before you start aiming for those higher-paid roles.

Have Greater Job Flexibility

Digital marketing can be used in any industry to increase sales on any product or service, therefore there are greater opportunities for you to have a more flexible and interesting career. Usually, transferable skills are more personal to you and include personality and character traits, such as being a great communicator; however, with almost every company needing a digital marketer in their team, your ability to perform this task will be useful in a variety of industries and can be easily transferred. By allowing yourself to have a more flexible career, you are more likely to stay engaged and continue to develop into higher roles in the future.

The flexibility doesn’t quite stop there either; as a digital marketer, you have the opportunity to work from just about any location, providing that there is an electronic device and Wi-Fi for you to work do the job. This is great if you are starting out in this career and would prefer to stay where you are currently living, especially if you work for multiple companies as a freelance digital marketer since the office can purely be your home and you can decide if and when you would like to travel to clients.

Let Your Creative Side Blossom

If you have always been a creative type that simply can’t stop imagining new ideas and starting new projects then, as a digital marketer, you will no longer need to suppress this unique characteristic. In fact, experimenting with new ideas is crucial to the role since businesses are in close competition with each other to attract new and loyal customers through digital marketing. This is done through producing personal messages to the target audience that influence how they feel or act when they first hear about a brand, and this requires data-driven creativity.

Creativity is a desired skill in the digital marketing world, but if you believe that you are not creative-minded, then don’t be put off, because it can be taught. We seem to lose some of our creativity as we mature from children into adulthood due to our desire for perfection and fear of taking risks, but this childlike instinct can be honed by learning and applying creative thinking processes.

In reading these reasons for starting a career in the digital marketing industry, you are perhaps now more able to decide as to whether this is the right choice for you. If there is only one benefit that you take away from this article, then let it be the fact that this industry is growing and jobs in digital marketing are in high demand and will continue to be in the future.