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5 Healthier Smoking Alternatives

5 Healthier Smoking Alternatives

According to data collected by the CDC, 32 million adults in the U.S. smoke cigarettes. 55% of adult smokers tried to quit in 2018.

Are you one of the millions of smokers trying to quit? You might be looking for healthier smoking alternatives to help you do it.

This guide will offer some alternatives that can help. Keep reading to learn what they are.

1. Try Herbal Cigarettes

If you looking for healthier tobacco substitutes you should consider trying herbal cigarettes. Since herbal cigarettes are made naturally without tobacco or nicotine, they’re the healthier option between the two.

While smoking, in general, is bad for your health, herbal cigarettes provide a route to quitting. Quitting cold turkey might be hard so you can try this alternative to see if it helps reduce your cravings for nicotine.

2. Chewing on Healthy Vegetables

While eating vegetables might not seem like one of the most logical cigarette alternatives, it can help reduce your anxiousness to smoke a cigarette. Chewing on carrot sticks or similar vegetables can help keep your mouth busy so you don’t think about putting a cigarette in your mouth.

You can also consider switching out cigarettes for sunflower seeds or sugarless gum. Chewing on these are also ways to keep you from smoking.

3. You Can Vape

If you’re interested in other tobacco alternatives you should think about switching to vaping. While there are vapes that contain nicotine, you can choose ones without any nicotine.

Vaping will give you the same sensation of smoking without the more harmful effects of smoking cigarettes. Check out Redjuice if you’re interested in giving vaping a try.

There are all kinds of great flavors to choose from and the best thing is that you can vape indoors at most places too.

4. Focus on Exercise

If you’re looking for healthier smoking substitutes you should try focusing on exercising. This is great for your physical and mental health and can make it easier to quit smoking too.

If you smoke to help you unwind and reduce stress after a long day, exercise can help you do that without comprising your health. Exercise will also help you maintain a healthy weight and increase strength.

5. Try Nicotine Patches

Other cigarette substitutes include nicotine patches. Nicotine patches can increase your chances of quitting without going back to smoking.

These patches aren’t meant for long-term use but they can help to relieve nicotine cravings as you find alternative habits to replace cigarette smoking.

With fewer cravings, you’ll be less stressed and the urge to go back to smoking won’t feel like it’s taking over your life.

Healthier Smoking Alternatives That Can Help You

Are you looking for healthier smoking alternatives? You should consider vaping or nicotine patches to help you quit and not go back to smoking harmful cigarettes.

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