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5 Benefits of Learning How to Play an Instrument

5 Benefits of Learning How to Play an Instrument

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play an instrument but never found the time or motivation? Before you give up on what could be a childhood dream, maybe you need more incentive to get started.

The benefits of instruments go far beyond beautiful chords and soothing melodies. Learning to play an instrument can positively impact many other areas of your life.

Read on to learn the five benefits of learning an instrument that will make you want to sign up for your first lesson today.

1. Increase Memory Capacity

If your forgetfulness frustrates you, learning to play an instrument could help you.

Whether listening to or playing music, it can stimulate your brain and increase your memory capacity. Playing the guitar or another instrument taps into multiple areas of your brain, allowing them to grow and expand for more space for memory.

2. Reduce Stress

Stress and tension can strain your brain and body, making many tasks difficult, including rest. If regular stress is a problem for you at work or home, consider bringing music into your life as stress management.

As you become more advanced in playing the piano, string instruments, or wind instruments, you have more control over what you play. Music is a form of art that gives you creative liberty and freedom of expression. It eases your mind and tension through your music therapy.

3. Develop Personal Disciplines

One of the best music lesson benefits is the development of personal disciplines. Building this into your children and for yourself creates structure, routine, and perseverance in your life.

Learning an instrument involves maintenance and care of your instrument, regular practice, education around reading music, and class attendance. These disciplines create additional personal responsibility and ownership that are helpful even outside the music classroom.

4. Increase Confidence

Learning how to be a musician quickly grows your confidence. Each time you play a new chord, read music for an entire song, or play your first song from start to finish, your confidence grows.

If you struggle to feel confident in other areas of your life, unlocking a musical ability can level up your confidence which can carry over into the rest of your life.

5. Promotes Social Skills

Did you know that playing an instrument can also increase your social skills?

You will likely take many one-on-one lessons, but if you have the opportunity to join a group lesson or play music with other musicians, your skills musically and socially will increase.

Music schools like the Sloan School of Music allow you to enroll in private and group classes. Take advantage of this opportunity to build relationships and build your musical skills.

Tap Into the Benefits of Learning to Play an Instrument

Learning to play an instrument goes beyond finally learning to play your favorite song. Start taking lessons to impact many other areas of your life at work and at home. It’s unlikely that you will regret your choice to get started.

Continue to invest in yourself on a regular basis. Head over to the Lifestyle tab to find other tips for becoming a musician or living your best life.