4 Important Camping Tips for Beginners

4 Important Camping Tips for Beginners

Half of the campers in North America say they wanted to give it a try because they love nature and outdoor recreation. Are you planning to camp for similar reasons, but you’ve never gone before?

Camping for beginners doesn’t have to be as big of a challenge as you think, so don’t be intimidated!

If you’re going camping soon, you need to know the basics to make sure that your time in the great outdoors doesn’t become a nightmare.

Keep reading below for 4 camping tips that will ensure you have a great time.

  1. Do Your Research About Your Destination

No matter where you’re going, you want to find out what you can about the location before you get there. Some basic things that you need to know before you leave include:

  • Are there water sources available?
  • Is the ground flat or rocky?
  • Where is the best spot to put the tent?
  • How will you cook your food?
  • How close are you to other campers?

All of these won’t apply if you’re doing a wild camping trip with a more primitive location, but if you’re going to a campground, it’s important to know what the layout is like so that you’re comfortable during your trip.

  1. Plan Out All of Your Meals

Instead of planning to find your own food when you get there (a terrible and dangerous idea) or buying your food on the way, you need to plan what you will eat beforehand.

This way, you’ll know how much food you have for the entire trip and you will be able to portion out everything you brought instead of burning through it all on the first day.

You’ll also have a chance to try some new camping recipes so that you really get into the groove of how to camp like a pro!

  1. Pack Your Camping Gear Correctly

One of the best packing tips we can give you is to keep it simple. While you may think you need several outfits for every day, you need to instead think of the actual activities you’ll be doing.

If you’re hiking, swimming, or doing any other type of activity, you need to pack for that. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to pack layers of clothing instead of whole outfits. You can potentially re-wear some of the clothes you bring so that you don’t have to carry all of that extra weight.

Pack your gear using a checklist to make sure you don’t forget anything. Click here to get all of the gear you’ll need before you start packing so that you can make sure it’ll fit in your bag correctly.

  1. Set up Your Tent Before It’s Dark

You have to estimate how long it’s going to take for you to get to your destination, especially if you’re hiking in, to be sure that you can put up your shelter before darkness strikes.

As a beginner camper, you don’t want to ruin your camping trip by having to set up your tent (potentially for the first time) without any lights around. Not only is this much more difficult than it needs to be, but you may accidentally break something or not set it up the right way.

Take the time to think about when the sun is going to set and what time you need to arrive to give yourself plenty of time to get your site set up the way you want.

Use These Camping Tips to Survive the Great Outdoors

Choose the perfect destination for your first camping trip, and make sure you use a checklist to remember what you need to pack. With these camping tips in tow, you’re bound to have a great time on your camping trip.

Are you interested in learning more about fun activities like camping? Check out the rest of our blog for some other great ideas to try.