4 Factors to Consider When Designing Small Business T-Shirts


Did you know that the T-shirt started out as a jumpsuit?

Way back in the 1800s, laborers started cutting their jumpsuits in half in order to cool down while performing hot work.

T-shirts have become the most popular garment for the upper body in many parts of the world. Many companies have found incredible success by designing t-shirts with evocative and beautiful patterns.

When it comes to small business t-shirts, not every company succeeds at creating a t-shirt that their employees and leaders are happy to wear. So what do you need to keep in mind when designing your own small business t-shirts?

Read on to learn all about the four factors you should keep in mind when designing your t-shirts!

  1. Consider Your Brand

Not everybody has the same understanding of what a brand actually is. It can help to think of a brand as a personality for a company. And the right personality for a business to present may differ for customers and for employees.

In the case of company members, keep in mind how you want them to perceive the personality of the company. If you can find a way to integrate that into your T-shirt design, it will reinforce the feeling of connection that people can develop with a brand.

Consider if your company logo is more outward-facing or inward-facing. If it is more designed to appeal to customers, then it may not be the right choice to put on T-shirts for employees.

  1. Consider Your Audience

Keep in mind the traits of your company members. Consider their age and their breakdown by gender. These kinds of things can change what kinds of designs will appeal to them.

Of course, if possible, it might be best to have multiple designs to appeal to multiple demographics. However, this is not always possible. Usually, you will have to find a way to create a design that appeals to very different demographics.

You should also keep in mind that personalities differ even within demographics. Do you want to present a fun image, or perhaps a respectable image instead? This will depend on what appeals to your company members.

  1. Consider Your Timeline

Keep in mind that if your upcoming event is too near, you may not have time to have complicated designs printed. It is better to prepare your t-shirts well in advance so that you can pick any design that you want.

  1. Consider Material Options

If you feel confident in your design, then it can be worth making sure that it lasts. High-quality materials are a great choice if you have hope that people will want to continue wearing your company t-shirts for years to come.

When you are designing a t-shirt, whether it be for small business uniforms or company t-shirts for a retreat, it can help to work with people who have a lot of expertise in t-shirt design.

For company uniforms or other t-shirts, check out these t shirt design services to learn more about how to create designs that will impress!

Make the Best Small Business T-Shirts

We hope that you were able to learn something helpful from this brief article on a few of the things that you should consider when it comes to small business t-shirts. At the end of the day, the design is everything when it comes to how people will feel about the t-shirts that you create for them.

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