3D Printed Glasses: The Coolest 3D printed Glass Frames


Whether it’s the customer demanding to make more customizable glasses or the availability of a technology that promotes customization, who can tell which one arrives before the other? But one thing is for sure; if you are out in the market to buy a glass frame for your eyes, there are more options than you could have availed before. And it’s because of 3D printing technology.

The scanning of customer’s faces before designing eyewear for them leads to the manufacturing of more precise and cooler Glass Frames. From the mere number of choices in glass frames’ design, we are moving towards one person, one glass frame design world. Because of the flexibility this manufacturing technology offers, the manufacturers are able to create glass frames faster than ever before. Pick3DPrinter made a list of the best professional 3D scanners that designers use; And there isn’t just speed where this technology beats every other, there is also cost reduction.

All of that results in more possibilities and hence more choices for your glass frames. From the numerous options that are available online, we bring to you the most catchy, trending, and coolest ones. Thank us later, but first, check them out!

1) SteamPunk 3D Printed Goggles

They are eye-catchy, they are super loud. You can wear them to a party where wearing accessories that are out of the box is allowed. Although the designer of this SteamPunk 3D Printed Goggles 3D printed them for his daughter, they are universal in terms of age and gender. You can use your own lens in this frame and in case you do not wish to use M3 screws, you have the option of using PLA. For printing these Glasses you need to download the 3D design file available on Thingiverse.

2) 3D Glasses Frame for film

The mobility of 3D films and their ability to make you feel more than you do in 2D are the factors we all love to watch. Something that they and 3D printing have in common is the level of dimension! Keeping the common point of intersection between them, a 3D designer has designed and put his 3D design file out in open on MyMiniFactory. It’s an optics frame for anaglyph 3D. The designer claims how this glass frame can slot-in the film-made handheld anaglyph glasses. You will need a raft as well as support structures for 3D printing it. Their dimensions are 131.41 mm * 131.41 mm * 36.47 mm.

3) 3DBK Frames

If reading the descriptions of the first two coolest glass frames gives you the idea that 3D printing can only be used to make unconventional glass frames, you are wrong. The glass frames made by this designer are pretty conventional in terms of their design, but you can customize them if you wish to. After all, that’s the fun of 3D printing, yeah? There are two frames that the designer puts in front of you. Both of them can be manufactured using either an SLA or DLP 3D printer. Metal glasses hinges would be needed for the one marked with a hinge, while for assembling the other one you just need two screws. Download the 3D design file of these glasses from Cults3D.

4) Fram3d Glasses

Another party-wear glasses on our list! These are those bright colored frames that are available in more than one-designs. The specialty of these frames is that they are modelled using Optimaker applique and printed using cellulose acetate filament. They can make anyone fall in love with them at the very first glance. So, if your search for increasing your stock of party clothes is satisfying for a long time, download the 3D design file of these frame 3d glasses from Cults3D and get them 3D printed.

5) Sunglasses

Partywear glasses are a kind of luxury in terms of the amount that they are going to be used for your eyes in the future. Sunglasses are more of a necessity. These fully printable Sunglasses, the design file of which is available on Cults3D, have flexible handles and can be printed without any hinges. Although the designer has used acetate filament, PLA, as well as PETG filaments, can also go into 3D printing of it. Whereas if you are fond of the traditional acetate material, you can do that too. It’s pretty flexible!

6) The Round Frame

The shape of your frames determines the kind of personality you have. So, you’ve got to be careful while choosing that. And if you are confused about which shape to prefer, why not go for the traditional round shape? The 3D design file of these round frame glasses is available for download on MyMiniFactory. Their layer height is 0.1 mm and infill is 20 percent. You’ll need brim, as well as supports for 3D printing them. The best part of these glasses is, you only need one hour forty-five minutes for 3D printing and just sixteen grams of 3D printing material. The dimensions of these glasses are 143.92 mm * 143.92 mm * 37.18 mm. Any FDM 3D printer would be able to print you these Round frame glasses.

The Conclusion

There is a lot that’s happening in the field of 3D printing glass frames. Due to the flexibility of 3D printing technology, manufacturers worldwide are employing it for personalizing glass frames. MonoQool is a Danish manufacturer of eyewear that has come up with the concept of screwless glass frames. Their frames are currently sold in more than a thousand stores all around the world.

Specksy, a Canadian company is another example of how eyewear companies are employing 3D printing technology for manufacturing cool glass frames. They use an application to 3D scan their customer’s face and then 3D design and print a glass frame accordingly. Specksy has its own lot of in-house multi-color 3D printers. Although the technology is yet not ready for mass production, manufacturers are utilizing it for making small batches of production because of customization. And that is serving as an encouragement for other manufacturers in the field.